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Protect Your Organization From Ransomware

Learn more about ransomware, how it works and why you’re vulnerable

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that infects victims’ computers, encrypts their content, and issues a demand that the victim pay a ransom to the attacker in order to regain access to their content.

While the recent WannaCry attack relied on a vulnerability associated with unpatched Windows computers, most ransomware attacks are based on email delivered computer trojans, which rely on tricking a victim to install the malware. Attackers use social engineering methods to coerce their intended victims to expose themselves to ransomware, often impersonating a trusted contact to entice the victim to take action, e.g., opening an attachment.

Ransomware attacks have been steadily rising, with criminals targeting specific industries, such as hospitals and healthcare organizations.

ransomware attack

How Ransomware Bypasses Existing Defenses

Criminals use packers and other obfuscation techniques to bypass malware detection methods, and commonly masquerade as trusted parties to trick their victims into letting their guards down. They typically convince victims to open malicious attachments or visit web pages that host the malware using social engineering methods.

All successful ransomware attacks feature identity deception at their core.

They spoof the identity of a trusted sender, and entice a victim to take a dangerous action.

Protecting Your Organization

Traditional best practices all have merit, including up-to-date system patches, robust endpoint and network protection and employee awareness training. However, social engineering will typically evade user awareness efforts and new ransomware variants are being introduced on a regular basis. A better approach is to lock down the key vector of ransomware attacks: email.

The Solution – Agari Enterprise Protect

Agari enables organizations, including leading Fortune 1000 companies, to proactively protect themselves from ransomware and other dangerous email attacks that rely on identity deception.

Unlike solutions that attempt to detect malicious code or content, Enterprise Protect leverages comprehensive insight into sender identities  By applying expert systems and machine learning to develop and apply trust and authenticity models, Agari can uniquely identify, isolate and stop sender impersonation  attempts.

Agari’s authenticity models leverage the power and reach of the Agari Email Trust Platform™, the only solution that verifies trusted email identities based on insight into over 2 trillion emails every year to stop advanced email threats.

ransomware attack

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“With the adoption of Agari Enterprise Protect, we are enhancing our employees overall trust level in their email, taking the safety and security of our members, clients and employees to the next level.”

– Fortune 50 Company