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What is the Relationship Between Ransomware and Phishing?

Ransomware and phishing are usually put in two separate categories when cyberattack methodologies are discussed. However, ransomware operators are increasingly leveraging phishing tactics to deploy their malicious payloads, and the potential for compromise is exponentiating as a result. Ransomware and Phishing - a match made in heaven Phishing is the number one delivery vehicle for ransomware...
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One of the greatest challenges to protecting end users from high impact email attacks is detecting identity deception. Fortra has conducted an analysis of real end user phishing reports to determine which advanced threat types evade common secure email gateways and the frequency which they occur to better understand how enterprises can stop these attacks.

DRP Solutions Market Guide

The demand for Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is on the rise as cybercriminals are increasingly targeting businesses on channels outside the corporate firewall. According to Frost & Sullivan’s latest Frost Radar Global DRP Report, the traditional security perimeter has changed, and unlike phishing attacks that can be managed and mitigated through internal controls, these threats live on spaces not...
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Is Microsoft Email Security Enough?

As Microsoft’s security capabilities continue to evolve, many organizations are questioning how much they should rely on Microsoft for their email security needs. This video includes email security experts from Fortra discussing enterprise email security requirements and how Microsoft fits into an organization’s email security strategy and stack. Learn: • How to evaluate Microsoft’s role in your...

Stolen Credit Union Data on Dark Web Hits High in Q4

In Q4, Dark Web activity targeting Credit Unions reached its highest count in five consecutive quarters, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. Attacks on Credit Unions jumped significantly during the second half of 2022, with threat actors advertising stolen card data from these institutions almost as frequently as National/Regional Banks. Data tied to financial institutions is considered especially...

Impersonation Represents the Top Social Media Threat in Q4

Social media attacks targeting organizations closed out 2022 nearly 19% higher than Q4 of 2021, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. Social platforms continue to act as a hotbed for malicious activity, leaving organizations of all sizes vulnerable to impersonation and abuse. As of Q4, businesses can expect an average of 72.54 attacks on social media per month. PhishLabs analyzes hundreds of thousands...

Response-Based Email Attacks Reach Inboxes More Than Any Other Threat in Q4

In Q4, Response-Based phishing attacks were the top reported threat by end users, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. While threats categorized as Credential Theft and Malware continue to bypass even the top secure email gateways, this is the second consecutive quarter where Response-Based attacks have led all categories. Response-Based attacks typically lack malicious indicators and instead rely...

More than Half of All Phishing Sites Impersonate Financials in Q4

Phishing sites impersonating reputable organizations continue to represent the top online threat to businesses and their brands. In Q4, Financial Institutions were targeted most by credential theft phish, experiencing the largest share of malicious sites recorded since 2021, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. Within the group, criminals capitalized on the broad customer bases and recognizable names...

Healthcare: Top Trends Threatening the Privacy of Patient Data

The cyber-threat landscape is rapidly evolving, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to comply with new regulations and protect against the loss of patient. While the majority of news reports focus on malicious external threats and actors, 65 percent are the result of internal leaks. In addition, 73 percent of those are the result of inadvertent sharing of information. Challenges in...
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Top Mistakes You Could be Making in Email Security

Email threats are constant and remain a highly sought-after opportunity for data theft. Oftentimes organizations research email best practices and incorporate an email security solution that’s best for their needs and budget. Alyn Hockey, Vice President of Product Management, discusses the top mistakes made in email security, the problems they cause, and how to fix these mistakes.
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Managing Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk

Your weakest cybersecurity link may not be your own. Taking internal precautions in email security is an essential way to protect your organization from data breaches, but vulnerabilities can also come from outside partners. Many organizations rely on supply chains, vendors, partners, and others to conduct business. For example, financial institutions may utilize vendors for software (internal...

Outlook Spam Reporter

With an ever growing need for secure business communication and collaboration methods, email still remains the primary means for most organizations to do business. However, the challenge for some organizations is how to communicate securely to their customers. Business Problem Email is a tool used by every business, unfortunately this also means that Email is also used by spammers and worse still...

Top Tell-Tale Signs & 3 Things You Can Do to Stop Spoofed Email

Something caught my eye recently. It was an email in PMM (Personal Message Manager – a component of the Clearswift Secure Email Gateway) where you can look at what email has not been delivered to your Inbox, as the product has recognized it as being spam or (potentially) newsletters. There was one particular email that caught my eye as it appeared to have come from ‘[email protected]’. In...

Debunking Cybersecurity Jargon: Part Four – What is Optical Character Recognition?

As part of our on-going blog series explaining some of the many acronyms and pieces of jargon that bedevil the cybersecurity industry, we turn our attention to optical character recognition technology or OCR as it is commonly known. Clearswift added OCR functionality to all of its core email and web security products to help organizations combat the risk posed by the millions of image files that...

Clearswift Anti-Spam

Inside the Clearswift Secure Email Gateway there is a multi-layer Anti-Spam solution designed to deliver 99% detection with minimal false positives. The Anti-Spam detects messages as being Spam, Phishing or Newsletters and allows system administrators to configure policies to either Block, Sanitize, Hold, Tag or Deliver. Reputations – Powered by TRUSTmanager. Every external message is checked...

Are Cybersecurity and Data Protection Now Integral to Business Success?

A famous front cover of The Economist in 2017 declared that the 'world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.' The value of data has indeed increased significantly. Organizations rely on data and data analytics for almost every facet of their operations and use it to make insightful decisions to help move the business forward. Many have invested in the tools and solutions - AI, CRM...

How Data Classification Helps Organizations Maintain a Strong Data Security Posture

The rise of globally dispersed workforces and new work from home requirements are placing extraordinary pressure on every organization’s cybersecurity. And wherever there is upheaval, so cyber criminals thrive. Alongside the devastating health and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, we have also seen an escalation in cyber-attacks. A recent CISO/CIO survey, looking at cybersecurity...

Five Ways to Secure Data Within the Defense Supply Chain

Unsurprisingly the defense industry requires the most secure information sharing environment in the world, but what implications does this have for ensuring the effective mitigation of cyber risks? There is something of a paradox between the need for complete information governance in the defense sector and the rise of IoT, BYOD, cloud computing and the democratization of data in today’s blurred...

Prevent Supply Chain Cybersecurity Attacks with Safer Data Sharing

When considering cybersecurity policies and risk management, protection from phishing, ransomware, and other Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are usually top of mind. Data loss protection usually makes the list as well. However, one area of risk that can be overlooked is supply chain cybersecurity attacks. Trusted partners are vital to organizations but the cyber risks they pose can be just as...