American College of Radiology Defends Against Phishing





My name is Francisco Miranda, I'm with the American College of Radiology. I'm the Information Security Officer and IT Security Manager, and we're currently using the Fortra's Cloud Email Protection solution. It has one of the layers to actually validate the true identity of whoever's sending us emails, so we can stop other characters from trying to impersonate key people in the company.

For the inbound at the edge, we're using the Symantec Secure Email Cloud service. Then, once it goes through there, it hits our own secure message gateway. We used to have Brightmail. And, that message gateway also sends this train of email over to the Fortra platform, and if it finds an email that's suspicious, it will send an immediate alert out through the email system, that way the user can see the enterprise protect alert right next to the other email.

All of the administrators also get an alert, based on it. So we can actually have someone go and do a little analysis and see if there is an issue there. Do we have to take action? Or, if we see a lot of them coming in, we can go and do some blacklisting.

Moving forward with the neat feature that Fortra's platform has put out, that it can actually become inline on the mail stream. We're looking at implementing that, so it's going to analyze and let the message gateway take an action to quarantine the mail, or whichever actions we actually dictate to do it, based on what it gets from Fortra.

The reason we started looking for a tool that could actually validate the true identity of the senders, because we were starting to get spear phishing campaigns. It would happen a lot, and sometimes we would know about it, because the users wouldn't let us know. And the amount of time we were spending on researching this was taking away from everything else that we needed. We needed something that could actually do this, a specific thing. And, that's where we found Fortra. It actually fell correctly into this little niche that we needed to fix this problem.

Editor’s Note: All references to Agari have been changed to the current product name of Fortra's Agari or Fortra's Cloud Email Protection platform.

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