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Bank of America Fights Spoofing

With a brand that is a favorite to spoof, learn more about how Agari DMARC Protection helped Bank of America prevent brand spoofing and phishing attacks.




Hi, I'm Don Cardinal, I'm the Managing Director of Financial Data Exchange. My previous role was a Senior Vice President for Bank of America, where I was in charge of all outbound email authentication.

What was your biggest security challenges at Bank of America?

One of the biggest challenges we have is with the name America in the name, you are a target. By definition, you are a favorite brand to spoof. Everyone planet-wide knows you and so you will bear the brunt of everyone who's trying out that new strategy on you. Primarily, it was around the traditional things we saw as far as threats facing our customers were the Nigerian prince or other types of spoofing. It was also related to seasonal things, for example, benefit enrollment season or IRS return filing where they would use our logo, use the IRS's logo, and we kind of double whammy.

What business results did you experience working with Agari?

One of the biggest things we saw was a drop in unauthenticated email attempting to spoof. A lot of them moved on. And then you would see, a few months later, a retry. But it's a business for these bad guys. And so one of the business results you see is they recognize that level of email hygiene that we have for outbound emails and the recognition that, "You know what, there's better low hanging fruit elsewhere," and they moved on. So we saw a dramatic downturn in a period of time.

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