Fifth Third Bank | Agari Case Study

Fifth Third Bank Chooses Agari

Listen to Gary Warzala, Chief Information Security Officer of Fifth Third Bank, explain why he chose Agari Brand Protection & Agari Phishing Defense




My name is Gary Warzala. I'm the Chief Information Security officer of Fifth Third Bank. We're super regional in the Midwest. As far as the Agari customer, we're right in the process right now of implementing Brand Protection. The customer advisory event, from my perspective, was really an interesting event. I highly recommend it. The agenda was designed by customers, and it was very tailored towards customers, and giving us the ability to successfully deploy the solution.

There were a number of really great sessions, but the one that was just really so impressive was Alex Stamos, who is the CSO at Facebook. It was worth coming just to hear Alex. The reason why I chose the Agari is to solve two specific problems associated with malicious email. One is the relentless credential stuffing attacks and account takeovers from our adversaries, that are really affecting our customers. The flip side of that is internally at the enterprise. We are going to be moving to Office 365. We have, today in our in-house environment, a huge investment in controls that are trying to manage this malicious email problem.

98% of all the mail we get is either spam or malicious content, and I think Agari Phishing Defense is going to give me a very simple solution to manage this when I go to the cloud and off-prem. I think that's going to be a huge cost savings and really simplify our control environment, so the combination of those two things, Agari fits very nicely. It's great to have one solution to solve both these very challenging problems. The key to me that makes Agari different for me, I look for partners who are really committed to my success, and Agari is. I can feel that they are committed to my success. They are also committed to working with their customers to develop the product in the future. It's not just words. They really mean it, and they are really looking for our input.

*Editor’s Note: All references to Enterprise Protect and Consumer Protect were changed to reference the current product name of Agari Phishing Defense and Brand Protection. 

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