Informatica Gains Visibility into Threats by Using Fortra

Listen to Bill Burns, Chief Trust Officer and VP of Business Transformation for Informatica, speak about his experience working with Fortra's Agari.





I'm Bill Burns, Chief Trust Officer and VP of Business Transformation for Informatica. I've been working with Fortra's Agari for about six years at previous companies, introducing them to solve specific problems and I'm bringing Fortra's Agari into Informatica to solve different problems.

Over the course of the last few years, I've had a couple different challenges that I've had to implement Fortra's Agari for, both at different companies with different problems. At one company I was dealing with mass account takeover or phishing problems. They were trying to steal our customer credentials. At another company, we had Business Email Compromise, so we had executives being spoofed and sending emails to other executives and trying to coerce them out of employee W-2 information. But we had a unique solution in each case that was dramatically reducing the problem.

I guess the biggest solution that we got, or the biggest benefit we got from deploying Fortra's Agari solution, is that we got visibility. We got visibility into the attack space. We got visibility into how inconsistent some of our enterprise controls and governance were applied.

Having that holistic approach was the first part of our solution. And then being able to actually automate responses or get more details about the emails that were being sent and imposing upon us or treating us as an impostor, as opposed to treating the other guys as the impostor. We got visibility and reaction into the fraudulent messages.

I think some of the features that we're looking for from Fortra's Agari is that cutting-edge research, that visibility into what attacks are going on at other companies that I may not be able to see, so being able to see what other companies are being affected by. I know that as a larger ecosystem that is supported by Fortra's Agari, I'll get the benefit of those solutions and those attack patterns so that I hopefully will be more resilient to them as opposed to experiencing them for the first time.

A lot of the good cybersecurity solutions out there are flexible. They aren't point solutions that are hard-wired or are running on a blacklist model.

Editor’s Note: All references to Agari have been changed to the current product name of Fortra's Agari or Fortra's Cloud Email Protection platform.

The Agari solution is very simple to look at from a usability standpoint and a console perspective. Under the covers there's some really sophisticated logic and analysis going on with large datasets. That gave me more confidence that it is more flexible and resilient as opposed to a brittle sort of hard-coded blacklist solution.

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