Agari Customer Protect

Agari Customer Protect Overview

Outbound email is the #1 unmanaged security risk. It is the primary attack vector for cybercriminals to exploit a brand and target its customer base with advanced attacks. Malicious emails from cybercriminals can damage a brand, erode customer trust, and impact a corporation’s bottom line. Increasingly consumers are paying importance to security as a brand differentiator. Studies show that 42% of consumers are less likely to do business with a company following an email attack.

Business Problem

The question is not whether cybercriminals will target a brand; the question is when. Out of 400 brands targeted every quarter, for 50% of the brands it was the first time they were dealing with a broad scale email attack on their consumers. Email marketing is the #1 spend priority and one of the strongest channels of growth for most companies, as well as instrumental in engaging and re-engaging customers. These attacks can have a catastrophic impact on the present and future value of a brand as well as associated revenues.

The Agari Solution

Email is the single most used vector for cyber attacks and has played a role in every major cyber attack in 2014. Agari Customer Protect prevents these attacks from reaching the consumers of a corporation. Agari secures email as a primary channel of digital customer engagement, eliminating brand abuse and consumer fraud leveraging company domains, to establish trust in online interactions and transactions between major brands and their customers. Agari helps companies transform their customer experience – increasing engagement and driving revenue by maximizing customer satisfaction. Agari’s outbound email security solutions are based on the Agari Contextual Correlation engine that analyzes real-time telemetry from a global network of threat intelligence sensors, consumer email providers as well as Agari Labs.