Post-Enforcement Advantages of Agari DMARC Protection

Moving from Maintaining to Monitoring


After reaching a DMARC enforcement policy, Agari DMARC Protection continues to provide immense value to customers.


  • Improves customer trust by protecting your brand from being used in phishing attacks.
  • Decreases time to reject by automating implementation.
  • Maximizes marketing efficacy and improves email engagement with trusted communications.
  • Reduces operational costs associated with email channel management.

After implementing DMARC with a p=reject policy, the next phase of active monitoring is just as crucial to ensuring your brand and customer base remains protected from abuse as cybercriminals change tactics. Agari DMARC Protection remains a key component in helping monitor changes after email authentication has been implemented.

Managing New Third-Party Senders

  • Enables control of third-party SaaS applications and cloud services sending on your company’s behalf
  • Automatically identifies sender domains and IP addresses for you to track and approve on your personalized Threat Feed

Gaining Visibility into New Attack Vectors

close up of PayPal email spoof in an inbox. Text reads "From: PayPal" with an inset arrow pointing to the sender that reads ""


Mitigating Threats to Further You Towards Your DMARC Destination

  • Uses DMARC threat data to block any inbound email that is outside of your sender inventory
  • Enables intelligence sharing through Failure Sample DMARC data and has the ability to take down phishing sites and infrastructure
World map with various locations labeled as "My Sender Locations," "DMARC Protected Failures," and "Unprotected Failures"


Leveraging Threat Intelligence to Thwart Threats & Attacks

  • Supports rapid remediation with takedown vendors after identifying suspicious or malicious URLS, shutting down phishing sites
  • Seamlessly feeds threat data to your SIEM or SOAR platform, such as Splunk and Microsoft Sentinel, over open APIs

Ensuring Governance & Compliance through an Executive Dashboard

  • Clearly and efficiently identifies senders, logos, domains, and IP addresses for compliance and laws surrounding your customers’ confidential data
  • Automatically provides analytics and trend reporting to industry peers and executives for substantiation for ROI

Providing a Bevy of Brand Impressions

  • Implements BIMI, or Brand Indicators for Messaging Identification (BIMI), so your outgoing email has your logo next to the Sender “From” address
  • Provides an immediate visual indication of authentication from the sending domain to the recipient, instilling trust in your brand
Example of Brand Indicators for Messaging Identification (BIMI) with a screenshot of a Groupon email, highlighting the Groupon logo in the Sender field.


“Email is the communications channel for the top cybersecurity threats impacting customers, employees, and suppliers. By protecting the email channel with Agari, we are improving our security posture enormously— protecting our brand and helping our business build trusted relationships with our customers.”
– Manager of IT Security and Risk Management 

Continuing Your Email Security Journey

Implementing DMARC is a great first step in protecting your customers, partners, and employees from cyberattacks, but it will not prevent all email-based threats. Improve your security posture with Agari DMARC Protection and stop advanced email threats in their tracks while remediating phishing attacks.

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