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Fortra Email Security Premium Services

Expert Knowledge at Your Fingertips


At Fortra, we recognize that there are times when you need expert knowledge to help your business realize its potential. This is why we offer a 12-month Premium Services program post-deployment—to provide you with a personalized, high-value service that is delivered through a dedicated Technical Account Manager as the primary point of contact for your organization within the region where your main operations are based.

What is a Fortra Technical Account Manager?

A Technical Account Manager will help you to drive success at all stages of your investment lifecycle, maximizing your return on investment. In addition to leveraging the existing support channels, your Technical Account Manager will:

  • Offer continuous support and a dedicated resource for practical advice or best practice recommendations
  • Understand your milestones and Email Security roadmap, ensuring it is shared and understood
  • Engage with key stakeholders to identify specific goals
  • Serve as the escalation point for all Email Security-related matters so that issues are resolved in a timely manner (consulting with an assigned support engineer when needed)
  • Assist in identifying gaps that may exist, whether technical, product-related, or for training
  • Keep you proactively aware of critical situations which may affect your security environment

Email Security Premium Service Extras

In addition to the dedicated Technical Account Manager, the Premium Services offering ensures that you make the most effective use of your Fortra product or solution by providing:

  • Quarterly check-in reviews
  • Annual health check
  • Two inclusive service days
  • Training or knowledge transfer sessions

Quarterly Customer Reviews

You will receive a quarterly support review, coordinated by your Technical Account Manager, which will be conducted remotely. This review provides you with a summary incident report containing any cases raised during the previous quarter, current open case status, and future planning needs for your organization. The review will not only discuss adherence to our joint target SLAs, but also the manner in which the support service was delivered, giving you the opportunity to provide Fortra with feedback so we can continuously improve our support services.

Annual System Health Check

The Premium Services offering also offers a System Health Check annually conducted by your Technical Account Manager remotely to analyze and provide a report with observations and recommendations. This health check is intended to proactively highlight potential problem areas that may warrant additional review. It will also identify areas where new product features may benefit you. These additional recommendations may include:

• Efficient policy uses and potential solutions
• Configuration and implementation suggestions
• Recommendations regarding future policy changes and their implementation

Inclusive Service Days

The Premium Services includes 2 days (16 hours total) per year delivered remotely by your Technical Account Manager during business hours to
obtain additional assistance or training from, including but not limited to:

  • Implementation of health check recommendations & remediation, if necessary
  • Suggestions for additional features/functionality, as requested
  • Installation of additional or replacement servers
  • Assistance for any needed upgrades
  • Delivery of bespoke training or knowledge transfer sessions
  • Access to documentation, such as troubleshooting

Regional Coverage & Support

Fortra operates worldwide, with regional headquarters in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the United States. This means that your Technical Account Manager will be available during business hours in your region.

Premium Service Highlights

  • Assigned Technical Account Manager
  • Quarterly Check-in Support Review
  • Annual System Health Check
  • Two Inclusive Service Days
  • Customized Training/Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • Continuous Support for 12 Months

Premium Service Pricing

Pricing depends on organization size and requirements. Please contact us for a personalized quote.