Agari Enterprise Protect

Agari Enterprise Protect relies on our unique Agari Email Trust PlatformTM and proprietary global email telemetry data to detect low-volume, targeted email attacks that go undetected by existing email security systems. It is an essential complement to your extant cyber-security infrastructure, and guards your organization against today’s most sophisticated and insidious email-based attacks—those crafted to target specific individuals, collectively known as “spear phishing.”

Why You Need Agari Enterprise Protect

All phishing attacks are based on identity deception. Criminal methods have evolved to the point at which they are capable not only of convincingly spoofing trusted brands, but impersonating specific individuals within them – letting attackers gain the trust of individuals within your organization. Indeed, some of the most nefarious and successful spear phishing attacks have impersonated CEOs or CFOs of the same company of the attacked employee.

Agari Enterprise Protect is simply the best spear phishing defense available because it:

• Can identify suspicious emails coming from apparently reputable sources even on first attacks of the most sophisticated, socially engineered kind, with a high degree of accuracy and reliability

• Improves continuously over time as it models your organization’s unique inbound traffic patterns and mix of correspondence from partners, vendors, and customers

• Is the only solution that works by evaluating the sender’s authenticity and determining the level of risk associated with any given email

These attributes combine to make Enterprise Protect an essential element in any cyberdefense infrastructure, in addition to any other defensive systems that have been deployed