Anatomy of a Compromised Account

How BEC Actors Use Credential Phishing to Exploit Compromised Accounts

Credential phishing leads to compromised accounts, and compromised accounts lead to more credential phishing.

In order to uncover the mechanics, the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division seeded more than 8,000 phishing sites with fake credentials and then monitored what happened next. In this report, you’ll discover more about how cybercriminals access and use compromised accounts, including

  • How 50% of all compromised accounts are accessed within 12 hours,
  • Where the cybercriminals are located across Africa, North America, and Europe,
  • How threat actors pivot to OneDrive and SharePoint to host malicious documents, and
  • Which tactics cybercriminals take to continue compromising additional accounts.

Make sure you’re armed with this crucial threat intelligence. Download the report today.