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Agari Fall'19 Release Protects Against Voicemail Attacks and Emerging Email Threats

New security orchestration integration, including ServiceNow, ensures faster response to email incidents that could lead to a breach 

FOSTER CITY, Calif. (Sept. 25, 2019) – Agari, the next-generation Secure Email Cloud that restores trust to the inbox, announced today its Fall ’19 Release, which represents the latest set of product updates available to customers. New and significant features include:

  • Provide automated protection against zero-day voicemail-based email attacks
  • Prevent insider impersonation using compromised accounts to launch attacks that hide in employee-to-employee and outgoing email traffic
  • Extend phishing incident response to automatically alert and trigger remediation through existing ticketing, SIEM and SOAR systems

“Fall ‘19 further demonstrates Agari’s dedication to providing innovative anti-phishing solutions that protect our customers from the ever-changing tactics of bad actors,” said Armen Najarian, CMO, Agari. “Equally important is that our latest code release dramatically improves orchestration and remediation, helping customers reduce the time to remove phishing emails from the inbox.”

Protecting Against Voicemail-Based Attacks

Cybercriminals are evading traditional email security controls by impersonating a voicemail or fax alert that embeds links or attachments containing the latest ransomware, trojans, and phishing kits. The Agari Identity Graph, powered by predictive AI, enables customers to continuously learn and protect against changing threat-actor tactics, including this new wave of voicemail-based attacks. With the Fall ‘19 Release, Agari customers can now automatically protect against zero-day voicemail-based email attacks based on enhanced machine learning models included in Agari Phishing Defense.

Protecting Against Insider Impersonation

Cybercriminals have discovered the most effective way to circumvent email security technology is to hijack an employee’s legitimate inbox, gather intelligence from past communications, and launch contextually accurate attacks that prey on the trust relationship of the compromised account. According to Osterman Research, 33 percent of organizations have been impacted by account takeover threats during the past 12 months. Agari insider impersonation protection technology detects malicious messages from compromised email accounts and prevents those threats from spreading between employees within the organization or being sent to trusted business partners.

Security Orchestration Integration for Phishing Incident Response

Agari Phishing Response reduces the risk of a breach by accelerating phishing incident triage, forensics and remediation. With the Fall ‘19 Release, Agari will extend alerting and trigger remediation through orchestration with existing security infrastructure, such as ticketing systems, including ServiceNow, security information and event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) systems to automatically remediate phishing incidents. The addition of these open APIs will enable organizations to automatically remediated phishing incidents before they spread and lead to financial losses or data breaches.

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Agari Fall ’19 Release updates will be available to all Agari customers in October, 2019.

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