Agari Fall ‘18 Release - Automated Email Security Solution Powered by AI

Agari Fall '18 Release Completes First and Only Fully Automated Advanced Email Security Solution Powered by Al

Intelligence of 2 Trillion+ Authenticated Emails Annually Combined with Full Product Automation Delivers State of the Art Protection Against Phishing Attacks

Posted on September 20, 2018 | Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) , Cloud Email Security

FOSTER CITY, Calif. – September 20, 2018 – Agari, the only cloud-native solution that uses predictive AI to stop advanced email attacks, today announced its Fall ‘18 Release, a series of breakthrough enhancements for the Agari Email Trust Platform™ --  the industry’s only fully automated advanced email security solution powered by artificial intelligence.

Agari Customer Protect™, which safeguards more domains today than all other vendors combined, now offers complete automation and hosting for the three key elements of email authentication (DMARC, SPF, DKIM). Agari Enterprise Protect™ has extended its industry leading protection against advanced email threats by adding URL analysis and more detailed behavioral models to protect against Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks that impersonate supply chain partners.  Both automated email authentication solutions benefit from Agari Identity Intelligence™, the data science layer fueled by more than 2 trillion email messages authenticated annually across the Agari network.

Agari Fall ‘18 Release Highlights

The latest release includes advanced automation of defenses including:

  • Automated and fully hosted email authentication.
  • Automated protection against all four identity deception techniques.
  • Automated partner and vendor impersonation protection.
  • Automated URL and attachment analysis.

“Our Fall ’18 Release completes the important work we began over a year ago to deliver fully automated and hosted AI-driven email authentication solutions that are unparallelled in the industry,” said AJ Shipley, Vice President of Product Management, Agari. “With our latest release, we have introduced new innovations including URL analysis mapped to Agari’s threat scoring and new machine learning models targeted at protecting against supply chain deception.”

Automated and Fully Hosted Email Authentication

Agari’s automated email authentication solution creates, hosts, and manages SPF, DMARC, and now DKIM records. With the Agari Fall ‘18 Release, the most time-consuming aspects of authenticating outbound email have been addressed: efficiently identifying new senders, managing key rotation, and doing away with manual DNS changes. The automation investments delivered through Agari Customer Protect have allowed customers to achieve enforcement with a Reject policy on more domains than all other email security vendors combined.

Automated Protection Against All Four Identity Deception Techniques

The Agari Fall ‘18 Release now ensures customers are safeguarded against all four primary techniques used by cybercriminals to deceive victims into trusting a false identity: domain spoofing, look-alike domains, display name deception, and account takeover (ATO) based attacks.

Automated Partner and Vendor Impersonation Protection

An increasingly common way for cybercriminals to breach an organization is to use identity deception techniques such as display name impersonation and compromised accounts to exploit trust relationships within supply chains and partners. Using these deception techniques, cybercriminals impersonate trusted service providers and send fake invoices or gain access to user credentials leading to a security breach. The Agari Fall ‘18 Release offers a fully automated solution that models trusted suppliers, vendors, and partners in real time, automatically adjusts security policies, and eliminates labor-intensive manual defense processes that increase the risk of human error.

Automated URL and Attachment Analysis

While URL and Attachment analysis are common email security controls, traditional email security looks at the presence of a malicious attachment or URL in isolation without understanding the true identity and intent of the sender. In addition to using attachment analysis, the Agari Fall ‘18 Release now leverages URL analysis as signal for Agari's AI-based behavioral modeling to prevent identity deception attacks such as Account Takeover-based attacks (ATO) and display name impersonation.

New features shipped in the Agari Fall ’18 Release will be available to all Agari customers in early October, 2018.

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Agari is the only cloud-native solution that uses predictive AI to stop advanced email attacks. Winner of Best Email Security Solution by SC Magazine in 2018, the Agari Email Trust Platform™ prevents ransomware, ATO, phishing, BEC and other identity deception attacks, restoring trust to digital channels for businesses, governments, and consumers worldwide. Learn more at

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