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Agari DMARC Protection Explainer




Four out of five consumers prefer email and spend more time with brands they trust, but if customers don't trust your email, they won't trust you. Most business email today is vulnerable to advanced phishing and socially-engineered attacks that harm customers and damage your brand.

There's a solution. DMARC prevents phony emails from reaching customers, partners, and suppliers - giving you back visibility and control. Full DMARC enforcements is the best way to safe guard against impostors who exploit a trusted brand. But, for large organizations implementing DMARC can be a challenge. Third party senders, multiple email platforms, a lack of expertise, and more complicate the journey to full DMARC enforcement.

That's why industry leaders turn to Agari to accelerate their DMARC deployments and scale it across the enterprise. Meet Agari DMARC Protection - the industry standard for DMARC trusted by more than 40% of the Global 2000. Agari DMARC experts work with your team to simplify, de-risk, and accelerate your journey to maximum enforcement. Agari DMARC Protection automates the creation and hosting of DMARC records to ensure they are error free and easy to maintain. It alerts you when attacks spike, prevents abuse of look alike domains, and easily integrates with domain take down services.

Your executive dashboard provides key performance indicators to gauge progress. With phishing attackers unable to abuse your brand email delivery and engagement can improve as much as ten percent annually.

Enterprise-level capabilities and a track record of DMARC success make Agari DMARC Protection an ideal solution to restore trust, visibility, and control of your email channel. Agari DMARC Protection - simplify, de-risk, and accelerate your journey to maximum DMARC Enforcement!

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