Q2 2022 Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Webinar

Throughout Q2, Agari and PhishLabs detected and mitigated hundreds of thousands of phishing, social media, email, and dark web threats targeting a broad range of enterprises and brands. The Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report provides an analysis of the latest findings and insights into key trends shaping the threat landscape.

In our Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence webinar in August, watch John Wilson, Senior Fellow for Threat Research at Agari by, share the report findings and what recent changes to the threat landscape mean for your business, including:
• How phishing attack volume changed from Q1 to Q2
• Which industries are targeted the most
• The top social media and dark web threats
• Which TLDs and free technical services are abused most often
• The leading email threats targeting user inboxes

QTTI Cover-8-22




55 minutes