Managing Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk


Your weakest cybersecurity link may not be your own. 

Taking internal precautions in email security is an essential way to protect your organization from data breaches, but vulnerabilities can also come from outside partners. 

Many organizations rely on supply chains, vendors, partners, and others to conduct business. For example, financial institutions may utilize vendors for software (internal software as well mobile/online banking), real estate appraisers, law firms, audit firms, the list is long. These third parties not only provide vital services, but also create more risk.

Organizations need to consider supply chain risks as part of their cybersecurity policy. Dr. Steve Jeffery, Lead Solutions Engineer at Fortra, looks at how organizations can identify supply chain vulnerabilities and how Fortra can mitigate risks while allowing legitimate communication to continue.  

Watch this video to learn more about supply chains, the digital risks they pose, and what you can do to protect your organization. 

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