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The Agari Story





There's a new way to stop spear phishing, account takeover, and business email compromise attacks costing organizations billions in losses and destroying brand confidence. For the first time, you can trust your inbox, knowing that an email is safe to open and that senders are trusted and authentic. Powered by real-time intelligence, from trillions of email messages sent globally, the Secure Email Cloud reliably detects, defends, and deters advanced email threats before they hit your inbox, and in a way that legacy security controls can't.

Agari understands the complex relationship between sender and receiver to model good email behaviors that simply can't be faked or spoofed. Agari models the good to protect you from the bad with predictive AI that is always on, always analyzing, and always learning to protect against zero-day attacks. It's a next-generation approach to ensure that humanity prevails over evil so that your organization remains focused on its mission, without the distraction and business disruption caused by advanced email attacks.