Spear Phishing, Business Email Compromise and Account Takeover are the new security threats responsible for ninety five percent of all security breaches.

What’s changed? Cybercriminals are using identity deception to bypass Secure Email Gateways that look for malicious payloads and links but not at the true identity of the sender.

These are emails from your boss, a co-worker or friend, but in reality they are from cyber criminals trying to trick you by hiding behind an identity you trust. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this short 20-minute video Gartner Senior Research Analyst, Neil Wynne and Agari CEO, Ravi Khatod discuss the latest twist in cybercriminal tactics and ways to restore trust to the corporate inbox.

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Neil Wynne, Senior Research Analyst, Gartner

Neil Wynne is a Senior Research Analyst within Gartner Research. His research efforts cover a range of information security areas that include email security, identity and access management (IAM) and electronic signature. Mr. Wynne is part of the Gartner Research team that specifically focuses on the success of midsize enterprise IT leaders.

Ravi Khatod, CEO, Agari

Ravi is a seasoned growth stage executive experienced in building high growth and high performance companies and teams. Prior to joining Agari, Ravi worked for IronPort Systems (acquired by Cisco), AppSens, Bromium, PacketMotion, and Moka5.