Identity Deception & Social Engineering at Work – Email Makes it Easy

For every layer of security your organization has – cyber criminals get smarter and find new ways to infiltrate email gateways. When business email was born, SPAM was born. With the SPAM filter came more intelligent and targeted phishing attacks. To combat this, businesses invested in advanced email threat protection, which has just further motivated scammers to leverage personal information and social engineering tactics in targeted business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

In these attacks, Internet criminals are taking advantage of two fundamental characteristics of the human brain: 1) we usually trust something when it’s been sent by someone we know, and 2) our brain is designed to gloss over small inconsistencies.

Leveraging this vulnerability, criminals continue to exploit organizations using ever-evolving attacks that today’s technology completely ignore. The attacks continue to grow more and more sophisticated; using social engineering, identity deception, and other advanced techniques to simplify intrusion into your network, your accounts, or your data.

Join Wes Dobry, Principal Security Architect at Agari to learn

  • Cybersecurity attack trends and associated risk
  • The anatomy of deception and cybersecurity attacks
  • Real-life use cases that elucidate the email security challenges faced by organizations today
  • Practical steps your organization can take to thwart email attacks

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