Osterman Research Securing Office 365 with Agari

According to Gartner, Microsoft Office 365 is the dominant choice for large organizations using or considering cloud-based email. While the move to Office 365 reduces operations and management overhead and provides a compelling user experience, it raises serious security challenges. If you have made the move or planning to make the move to the cloud and Office 365, you need to augment your email security to address today’s most damaging threats–without paying for redundant security measures.

Join Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research, as he shares new research and insights, and John Wilson, Field CTO at Agari. Key learnings include:

  • Costs and benefits Office 365 from a security standpoint
  • Benefits from a 3rd party security solution within Office 365
  • Optimization of email security, particularly in light of new attack vectors and social engineering-based attacks like BEC
  • Recommended technologies and procedures to enhance Office 365’s native security features

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