Targeted email attacks continue to escalate as organizations deal with increasing numbers of phishing, spear phishing and ransomware attempts. But another attack vector, Account Takeovers (ATO), is affecting 44% of organizations and is posing a significant risk. This silent invasion occurs when a cybercriminal gains unauthorized access to a trusted email account to launch additional attacks that compromise various areas of an organization (such as gaining access to financial information, PII or enabling a larger data breach). How does an organization go about identifying such attacks, mitigating them and ensuring they don’t occur in the future? Watch the video on demand to find out


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Markus Jakobsson

Markus Jakobsson, Chief Scientist for Agari, has spent more than 20 years as a security researcher, scientist and entrepreneur, studying phishing, crimeware and mobile security at leading organizations. In his role at Agari, he will lead the company’s security research with a focus on using advanced data science to prevent email attacks.