Authenticated Email with Google and DMARC.org

DMARC.org, Google and Agari discuss how authenticated email and changes in email security are being used to protect organizations from cyber criminals.

Email remains the number one tool for business communications and digital engagement with customers. The evolution of email-based attacks on businesses and consumers is driving organizations to look for solutions to deliver email security for their customers. Authenticated email is rapidly gaining momentum as a way to protect consumers from cyber criminals that take advantage of insecure, unauthenticated email channels.

View the webinar with Steve Jones, Executive Director of DMARC.org, John Rae-Grant of Google and Mike Jones, Agari Director of Product Management. During the webinar they discuss the major changes in email security and authenticated email seen in 2015. They will also explore Google’s recent announcement to implement the strongest email authentication standards in 2016, and explain how these changes will impact your business.

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