Trends in Email Fraud and How to Prevent Enterprise-Facing Email Attacks

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About this webinar:
Email is the most popular communication tool, as well as the entry point for up to 95% of security breaches. As cyber criminals evolve their techniques, targeted, enterprise-facing email attacks are rapidly increasing, fueled by an almost inexhaustible supply of potential victims and the tremendous profits awaiting successful fraudsters.

This talk will provide an overview of both the technical and psychological principles these criminals take advantage of, shedding light on why traditional defenses continue to fail. We will then describe a set of new defense mechanisms that enable enterprises to stop these attacks and review the results of early experiments with these approaches, which offer a new perspective on ways to prevent email fraud.

Dr. Markus Jakobsson is a security researcher and Chief Scientist at Agari, with interests in applied security, ranging from device security to user interfaces. He is one of the main contributors to the understanding of phishing and crimeware, and is currently focusing his efforts on human aspects of security and mobile security.


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