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Business Email Compromise Attack Trends Report

In the second half of 2017, Business Email Compromise attacks continued to accelerate with 96% of organizations experiencing attacks.

Because BEC attacks have no payload (such as a malicious attachment or URL) to detect and block, they are able to slip past most conventional security technology used to protect organizations.

This attack trends report takes a look at 1 billion real-world emails that were considered safe by conventional security technologies – Secure Email Gateways (SEG), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) – and establishes which security technologies incorrectly classify emails as safe, and the nature of these malicious emails.

Read this report to get information on…

  • BEC attacks by imposter type, SEG, company size and industry
  • Which malicious emails bypass traditional email security protocols
  • Recent effective BEC attacks that resulted into up to $100M in losses
  • What a typical organization sending BEC attacks looks like and which processes they use to launch an attack



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