The “Email Fraud and DMARC Adoption Trends Report 2H2017” takes a data-driven look at DMARC trends in the last 6 months of 2017, drawing from the following unique sources of DMARC data:


Agari Threat Center–Tracks the largest set of detailed DMARC
 data in the world, which leverages 1 trillion emails from Agari customer DMARC traffic (representing top U.S. banks, social networks, healthcare
 providers, major government agencies and hundreds of
 other organizations.)

Farsight DNSDB–The world’s largest passive DNS database with more than 100 billion DNS records dating back to 2010 and updated in real-time.

Following the ebb and flow of DMARC globally and across different verticals, we saw some distinct trends, confirmed many theories, and learned some surprising facts.

Key findings from the DMARC Adoption Trends and Email Fraud report include:

  • 99% of domains are not protected by DMARC
  • 90% of brands experiencing Domain Name Fraud or unauthenticated traffic
  • Only 27% of global firms who have adopted DMARC are enforcing DMARC policies
  • 92% of healthcare domains tracked by Agari Threat Center are targeted by domain name spoofing



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