There has been a fundamental shift in the way advanced email attacks are executed: attackers have moved from trying to deceive systems to trying to deceive human beings.  Attackers no longer only try to convince recipients that the content of an email is safe, they now work to convince recipients that the sender identity is trusted.

Most successful email attacks, where the cybercriminal gains personal information or funds, are executed using identity deception techniques. For this reason, organizations need a solution to stop these types of attacks.


Read this white paper to learn how Agari Identity IntelligenceTM stops email attacks that leverage social engineering rather than a payload to deceive. Gain insight on…

    • Identity Mapping: How to look at identity markers to map this to the organizational identity of the company.
    • Behavioral Analytics: Leverage multiple models to evaluate the expected email behavior of an employee identity.
    • Trust Modeling: Understand what the relationship is between the sending identity and the recipient.

When answered together, these three components represent the Agari Identity Trust Score to determine which email messages should be blocked and which should be let through to an employee inbox.

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