Osterman Research – Filling the Gaps in Office 365

While Office 365  will reach 120 million users by the end of 2017, it’s important that organizations not overlook the shortcomings office 365 has in data protection, archiving, security, encryption, authentication and eDiscovery. Microsoft is continuously improving Office 365 just as hackers are continuously becoming more strategic about how they execute email cyber crime: social engineering and identity deception are on the rise.

Read this white paper to learn the optimal method of enabling security so as to maximize protection against the growing array of security threats that organizations will encounter, while minimizing the total cost of ownership for an Office 365 environment. Make sure you know where office 365 security gaps exist, so you can fill in the gap and keep your organization and customers safe.

If you are interested in watching the on-demand webinar, we also have it posted online.




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