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Machine Learning Models in Cloud Email Protection

Traditional email security products struggle to detect email impersonation threats such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and spear phishing campaigns. These threats consistently bypass defenses that rely on signatures and policies like Secure Email Gateways and native-cloud email filters. This guide breaks down how Fortra uses advanced data science, including machine learning models, to find and mitigate attacks that slip past traditional email defenses.
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IT Security Wire: Cybersecurity in 2023: Top Three Predictions

In this IT Security Wire article, cybersecurity experts Eric George and Tom Gorup, Vice President of Security Operations at Fortra’s Alert Logic, share their 2023 cybersecurity predictions. Originally published in IT Security Wire "PaaS (phishing-as-a-service) platforms simplify the creation and execution of credential theft phishing attacks which target the customers or employees of enterprise...

Fortra Advanced Email Security Solutions

Enterprises need comprehensive protection that spans the entire lifecycle of threats from the staging of email-borne threats outside your organization to active threats landing in the inbox. Fortra’s Advanced Email Security solutions do just this and can help you solve your toughest email security challenges.

A Window on Email Security

This white paper takes an expansive look at the hidden threats lurking around email inboxes, and how layered email security with a clear understanding of goals can keep your organization better protected.
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How to Protect Against Advanced Email Threats

Unfortunately, the bad news about data breaches, cybersecurity scams, and email attacks is constant and the numbers are more staggering with each year. Learn which steps to take now to protect your organization’s email ecosystem, such as collecting threat intelligence, mitigating against brand impersonation, and training your employees on security awareness, all while maintaining compliance.

How to Run Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Here's how to run a simulated phishing campaign to test and train your employees before they receive an actual phishing email. What is a Phishing Campaign? To be clear, when we say “phishing campaign,” we’re not referring to malicious, black-hat phishing campaigns. A simulated phishing campaign is part of an internal training program to raise employee awareness about real-world phishing attacks...

The “i'’s” Have It: How BEC Scammers Validate New Targets with Blank Emails

Have you ever received a blank email from someone you don’t know? If you have, it may have been from a cybercriminal making sure your email account is legitimate prior to a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack. Agari and PhishLabs define BEC as any response-based spear phishing attack involving the impersonation of a trusted party to trick victims into making an unauthorized financial...

Protecting Remote Employees from Phishing and BEC Attacks

Email is even more crucial as a collaboration tool while we are all working from home and taking other precautions to stay safe and healthy. Hackers, cybercriminals, and other bad actors are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic for their own personal gain, and it’s your job to ensure your workforce is protected from harm. How do you enable the productivity of your now remote workforce, while...

How and Why COVID-19 is Being Used for BEC and Phishing Attacks

Phishing and BEC attacks always take advantage of natural disasters and personal misfortune to target even the most vulnerable among us. This time is no different as we are all experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak, but the tactics can be spotted and defeated. In this webinar Crane Hassold, Agari Sr. Director of Threat Research, provides an inside look into the latest coronavirus themed cyber-attacks...
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Agari Phishing Response Overview

Quickly find and remove harmful phishing emails that evaded detection and have made it to employee inboxes. Learn more about Agari Phishing Response.

Scarlet Widow Part 1: Breaking Hearts for Profit

Table of Contents Who is Scarlet Widow? Femmes Fictionale and Counterfeit Romeos The Long Con: Making Moves for Money Starry Eyes for Starling Michael Up Close and Personal: The Case of "Robert Blackwell"

Fortra’s Training and Response Bundle Datasheet

Threats will persist if SOC teams are overloaded and unprepared to review reported emails and provide feedback, especially if they’re understaffed. Fortra’s Training and Response Bundle stops email threats by delivering world-class Security Awareness Training and Integrated Response, a managed service that ensures advanced email threats are identified, easily reported, and quickly mitigated.
Case Study

Los Angeles-Based Large Credit Union Eradicates Phishing Attacks

Executive Summary Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (LAFCU) was in the crosshairs of email scammers. Its brand was constantly being spoofed, putting its members at risk of being defrauded. The CTO prioritized email security as part of his broader risk management strategy, and selected Agari as his partner. That was more than a decade ago. Today, domain spoofing is at near-zero. "Our initial goal...