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Office 365 + DMARC: Best Practices for Protecting Your Company & Customers From Phishing Attacks

In 2021, Gartner includes DMARC, or known by its full name as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, in its list of top 10 security projects. With very few exceptions, the best way for organizations to prevent getting impersonated in email attacks is to integrate DMARC into their Office 365-based email ecosystems.To understand why, let’s consider the benefits of deploying...

The “i'’s” Have It: How BEC Scammers Validate New Targets with Blank Emails

Have you ever received a blank email from someone you don’t know? If you have, it may have been from a cybercriminal making sure your email account is legitimate prior to a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack. Agari and PhishLabs define BEC as any response-based spear phishing attack involving the impersonation of a trusted party to trick victims into making an unauthorized financial...

Agari + Microsoft Office 365

A majority of companies are shifting to Microsoft Office 365. See why integrating Secure Email Cloud is needed to protect your email environment.

Inside a Compromised Account: How Cybercriminals Use Credential Phishing to Further BEC Scams

Why would a cybercriminal spend time developing malware when he can simply trick unsuspecting users into handing over their passwords? Why would a threat actor spend her money and resources on ransomware, when she can get that same information through a compromised account? It’s a good question, and exactly what the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division wanted to discover. In a growing trend known as...

Cyber Threat Intelligence: How to Stay Ahead of Threats

Generally defined, cyber threat intelligence is information used to better understand possible digital threats that might target your organization. This data will help identify threats in order to prevent security breaches in the future.Why Cyber Threat Intelligence is ImportantHaving a system in place that can produce threat intelligence is critical to staying ahead of digital threats, as well as...

Frost Radar Names Agari as a Leader in Email Security

Three months ago, when I joined Agari as the Chief Marketing Officer, I knew that I was joining a leader in email security. I knew this partially because I worked for Agari from 2016-2019 during an exciting time of change for the company. But my time away from Agari made me realize how much it has to offer its customers and partners, which is ultimately why I decided to return. And I’m thrilled to...
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Agari Announces Spring '21 Release

FOSTER CITY, Calif. and LONDON (April 13, 2021) -- Agari, the Trusted Email Identity Company™, announced today that its springtime product release simplifies and improves Agari’s Microsoft 365 integration and delivers new visibility into B2B email authentication and potential domain abuse. “The Agari Spring 21 release and the Trust 2021 conference are about creating a network effect that...

Cosmic Lynx Returns in 2021 with Updated Tricks

In July 2020, we published a report on a Russian-based BEC group we called Cosmic Lynx. In that report, we described the tactics used by the group, which included its targeting of senior executives at large companies with a global footprint and how it uses mergers and acquisitions (M&A) themes in its BEC email lures.Shortly after we published the report, we saw a significant decrease in Cosmic...
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Agari Winter '21 Release Supercharges CISO Arsenal with Actionable Data and Bolstered Sight-lines that Foil Threat Actors

FOSTER CITY, CA and LONDON (Jan. 25, 2021) -- Agari, the Trusted Email Identity Company™, today announced transformational features and capabilities available in its Winter ‘21 Release. Phishing attacks continue to accelerate, and the enhancements in this release ensure companies have the visibility and data to not only secure email but also to architect an environment where email messages are...

Office 365 Phishing Emails: Prevention, Detection, Response

Office 365 phishing emails come in common patterns. I'll list them here and also cover Office 365 anti-phishing features for prevention, detection, and response.Today, the typical Office 365 phishing emails direct users to fake Office 365 Sign-in pages. The victim submits their credentials, effectively handing over their password. Fraudsters use that login to access the victim’s address book, then...

The Global Reach of Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Over the last five years, Business Email Compromise (BEC) has evolved into the predominant cyber threat businesses face today. Since 2016, businesses have lost at least $26 billion as a result of BEC scams and, based on the most recent FBI IC3 report, losses from BEC attacks grew another 37 percent in 2019—accounting for 40 percent of all cybercrime losses over the course of the year. The...

Agari Fall ' 20 Release Boosts CISO Confidence in Enterprise DMARC Deployment

With cyber gangs leveraging business email compromise (BEC) attacks that actively exploit their targets' level of DMARC adoption, CISOs have been ratcheting up email security.Until now, the need to dial up defenses against imposters posing as senior executives in email attacks has been increasingly forcing legitimate business correspondence into quarantine. The chain reaction kneecaps commerce...

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) Adoption Soaring to New Heights

For a growing number of email marketers, it may be "BIMI or bust." As of June 30, nearly 5,300 companies have adopted Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), a new email standard for showcasing a brand's logo next to its email messages in recipient inboxes, with built-in protections against phishing-based brand spoofing.The tally reflects a 3.8X increase in the number of brands...

Why Full DMARC Protection is a Pressing Business Imperative in 2020 and Beyond

If you haven't deployed Domain-based Messaging Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) to protect your brand from being impersonated in phishing scams, there are pressing reasons to jump on it now.Without a doubt, these are extraordinary times for individuals and organizations alike as we've been forced to change the way we work, shop, play, and live seemingly overnight, and for far...

DMARC: How Phishing Rings Can Use Your Email Authentication Controls Against You

In the first reported case of its kind, a phishing ring in Eastern Europe is exploiting companies' own Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) controls to impersonate CEOs in business email compromise (BEC) scams worth millions.As detailed in our new threat actor dossier on a group we call Cosmic Lynx, the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID) has identified the...