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Silent Starling and the Emergence of VEC

Silent Starling is a newly discovered cybercriminal group comprised of Nigerian cybercriminals, intent on scamming as much as they can from their victims through a new attack type named vendor email compromise (VEC). Watch this webinar to learn: What VEC is and how it differs from other major attacks Why VEC is the largest threat for your supply chain Which of your employees are most likely to be...
On-Demand Webinar

The Geography of BEC

This webinar will cover key findings from analyzing nearly 10,000 active engagements with BEC threat actors to capture the scope of BEC’s global footprint and trends.
On-Demand Webinar

Cosmic Lynx Threat Disorder: The Rise of Russian BEC

In this webinar, Agari Sr. Director of Threat Research, Crane Hassold discusses Cosmic Lynx, the first-ever reported Russian BEC criminal organization, and how the group has significantly impacted the email threat landscape with sophisticated, high-dollar phishing attacks.