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What is Whaling Phishing & How Does it Work?

“Whaling” phishing fraud attacks target the C-suite of a company which creates high risk of extremely sensitive, mission-critical data being stolen and exposed. Fortunately, protecting the organization from these attacks is possible. Whaling phishing is a type of phishing attack targeting larger, high-value targets, which is why it's called "Whaling." Attackers themselves often pretend to be C...
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Forbes: 8 Ways To Keep Your Social Security Number Safe From Identity Theft

It’s difficult to control your Social Security number in the wild. In his September contribution to Forbes Advisor, John Wilson discusses the most common scams involving Social Security numbers and provides 8 steps individuals can take to prevent identity fraud. Originally published in Forbes Advisor: “For too many of us, our SSNs are already in the hands of miscreants, along with our other...
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The Last Watchdog: The Drivers Behind Persistent Ransomware and Defensive Tactics to Deploy

In his guest essay for The Last Watchdog, Eric George, Director of Solutions Engineering at PhishLabs by, explains what ransomware is, who the high-stake threat actors are, and how organizations can defend themselves against ransomware attacks. Originally published in The Last Watchdog “Ransomware usually starts with a phishing email. An unsuspecting employee will open a legitimate-looking message...

Office 365 + DMARC: Best Practices for Protecting Your Company & Customers From Phishing Attacks

In 2021, Gartner includes DMARC, or known by its full name as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, in its list of top 10 security projects. With very few exceptions, the best way for organizations to prevent getting impersonated in email attacks is to integrate DMARC into their Office 365-based email ecosystems.To understand why, let’s consider the benefits of deploying...

Simplify Phishing Incident Response, Remediation, and Containment with Agari

In this webinar, enterprise email and security expert Art Chavez, demonstrates how Agari Phishing Response™ automates, simplifies, and accelerates the process of phishing incident response, remediation, and breach containment. You’ll discover valuable insights, and learn how to: Avoid SOC overload through automated prioritization and remediation of user-reported phish emails. Accelerate threat...
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Agari Phishing Response Overview

Quickly find and remove harmful phishing emails that evaded detection and have made it to employee inboxes. Learn more about Agari Phishing Response.

Agari Phishing Response

Phishing and other email-based attacks account for 94% of breaches, with cybercriminals exfiltrating data mere hours after gaining access. However, it often takes months for businesses to discover a breach—and even longer to remediate it. Traditional security controls rely on blocking cyberattacks at a single point in time when email is delivered, attachments are executed, or URLs are clicked. In...

Scattered Canary Threat Dossier

Business email compromise (BEC) has continued to grow into a billion-dollar industry as cybercriminals turn to it as their preferred scam. But with the West African gang we’ve named Scattered Canary, we have deeper insight into how BEC is connected to the rest of cybercrime, and why it has grown in recent years. Download the threat dossier to learn: How Scattered Canary grew from a one-man startup...

Cosmic Lynx Threat Dossier: The Rise of Russian BEC

Cosmic Lynx is a Russia-based BEC cybercriminal organization that has significantly impacted the email threat landscape with sophisticated, high-dollar phishing attacks. In this threat dossier, you’ll discover key details about Cosmic Lynx, including: How Cosmic targets global corporations with incredibly sophisticated BEC attacks How Cosmic Lynx exploits DMARC controls to impersonate corporate...

Frost Radar: Email Security Report

Frost & Sullivan has released the Frost Radar: Email Security, providing a benchmarking system to help you protect your email from cyber attacks. Download the report for more information about: Why email is a top threat vector for cyber attacks, and how working from home has increased the risk How the email security market will continue to grow as more organizations transition to the cloud, and...

Scarlet Widow Part 2: BEC Bitcoin Laundry—Scam, Rinse, Repeat

While many cybercriminal gangs scam medium-sized and large corporations, Agari has now uncovered and documented the practices of a Nigeria-based scammer group, dubbed Scarlet Widow, that has evolved a different strategy focused on more vulnerable sectors such as school districts, universities, and nonprofits. In this report, we uncover: How Scarlet Widow transitioned from romance scams to tax...

Agari Threat Intelligence Third-Party Integration

Strengthen Your Security Posture With a continually evolving threat landscape, organizations are under increased pressure to manage security vulnerabilities. They often need to deploy multiple threat intelligence feeds to assist in this process by identifying common indicators of compromise (IOC) and indicators of attack (IOA) and then recommending the necessary steps to prevent attack or...

Agari + Microsoft Office 365

A majority of companies are shifting to Microsoft Office 365. See why integrating Secure Email Cloud is needed to protect your email environment.

2020 Election Security

The 2020 Election Security Poll delves into the issue of election security from the voters’ perspective. Findings include: 69% of registered voters say that foreign interference in 2020 U.S. presidential election campaigns is a threat to U.S. democracy 59% of respondents said receiving a fake/phishing email from one campaign would negatively impact their donation to other 2020 U.S. presidential...

Email Security: Agari Delivers a Whole New Level of Actionable Insight to Outpace Threat Actors

CISOs and their teams are about to get some serious performance enhancers in their high-stakes race against email security threats.According to the FBI, phishing campaigns, business email compromise (BEC) scams, and other advanced email attacks have resulted in $26 billion in business losses over the course of three years. Then 2020 happened.With 75 million corporate employees even now still...

What is Email Spoofing & How to Stop Attackers from Spoofing Your Email Address

What is email spoofing, how does it work, and why is it so dangerous to your company? We’ll explain everything you need to proactively stop attackers from spoofing your email address. Email Spoofing: What Is It? Email spoofing is when a fraudster forges an email header’s ‘From’ address to make it appear as if it was sent by someone else, usually a known contact like a high-level executive or...

Office 365 Phishing Emails: Prevention, Detection, Response

Office 365 phishing emails come in common patterns. I'll list them here and also cover Office 365 anti-phishing features for prevention, detection, and response.Today, the typical Office 365 phishing emails direct users to fake Office 365 Sign-in pages. The victim submits their credentials, effectively handing over their password. Fraudsters use that login to access the victim’s address book, then...

Agari Fall ' 20 Release Boosts CISO Confidence in Enterprise DMARC Deployment

With cyber gangs leveraging business email compromise (BEC) attacks that actively exploit their targets' level of DMARC adoption, CISOs have been ratcheting up email security.Until now, the need to dial up defenses against imposters posing as senior executives in email attacks has been increasingly forcing legitimate business correspondence into quarantine. The chain reaction kneecaps commerce...

Business Email Compromise: New Shift in BEC Threat Landscape Puts CISOs on Notice

A seismic shift in the email threat landscape has CISOs bracing for sophisticated new forms of business email compromise (BEC) scams, as phishing's center of gravity begins to tilt from West African email scammers toward Russian and Eastern European cybercrime lords.As detailed in our new threat actor dossier on a threat group we call Cosmic Lynx, the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID) has...