Anatomy of a Compromised Email Account

Using active defense techniques, Agari planted credentials into more than 8,000 phishing sites impersonating enterprise applications, then monitored these accounts to see when and how each compromised account was accessed. Through our analysis, we gained unique insights into what cybercriminals do with compromised email accounts. Watch this webinar to hear answers to important questions about the...
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Silent Starling and the Emergence of VEC

Silent Starling is a newly discovered cybercriminal group comprised of Nigerian cybercriminals, intent on scamming as much as they can from their victims through a new attack type named vendor email compromise (VEC). Watch this webinar to learn: What VEC is and how it differs from other major attacks Why VEC is the largest threat for your supply chain Which of your employees are most likely...

Anatomy of a Compromised Account

Credential phishing leads to compromised accounts, and compromised accounts lead to more credential phishing. In order to uncover the mechanics, the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division seeded more than 8,000 phishing sites with fake credentials and then monitored what happened next. In this report, you’ll discover more about how cybercriminals access and use compromised accounts, including How...