Emails Reported as Malicious Reach Four-Quarter High in Q3

The volume of malicious emails reported in corporate inboxes has reached a four-quarter high, according to the latest data from Fortra's PhishLabs.

What is Ransomware?

    Transcript    Ransomware really is continuing to be that go-to attack for attackers, and it's really one of the most effective ways that they have to extort businesses and compromise user data. How does ransomware work? Well, typically, it's delivered via infected email attachments or via compromised websites or contact management systems. ...
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How Enterprises Can Defend Against Rapidly Evolving Ransomware

Ransomware threats can change daily, making consumers and businesses more vulnerable than ever. Names like Angler malvertising, Locky ransomware and Angler Exploit Kit frequently crop up in the news, despite law enforcement’s best efforts to contain them. Simply put, malware is popular because it’s successful. Cyber criminals make an estimated 1,425% ROI for exploit kit and...

Ransomware: Exploring the Leading Cyber Extortion Tool

Ransomware has evolved from targeting individuals to extorting large sums of money from businesses with the threat of releasing or destroying their private company data. This type of email-based attack can cause tremendous financial losses as well as reputation damage that’s difficult and expensive to repair. Read our ransomware white paper now for insights from Agari Chief...

Account Takeover: The Evolution of Advanced Cyberattacks

Targeted email attacks continue to escalate as organizations deal with increasing numbers of phishing, spear phishing and ransomware attempts. But another attack vector—account takeovers—is affecting 44% of organizations and is posing a significant risk. Watch this webinar to learn how: These attacks lead to large-scale data breaches and financial losses; How organizations...