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Office 365 + DMARC: Best Practices for Protecting Your Company & Customers From Phishing Attacks

In 2021, Gartner includes DMARC, or known by its full name as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, in its list of top 10 security projects. With very few exceptions, the best way for organizations to prevent getting impersonated in email attacks is to integrate DMARC into their Office 365-based email ecosystems.To understand why, let’s consider the benefits of deploying...

Agari + Microsoft Office 365

A majority of companies are shifting to Microsoft Office 365. See why integrating Secure Email Cloud is needed to protect your email environment.
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Agari Announces Spring '21 Release

FOSTER CITY, Calif. and LONDON (April 13, 2021) -- Agari, the Trusted Email Identity Company™, announced today that its springtime product release simplifies and improves Agari’s Microsoft 365 integration and delivers new visibility into B2B email authentication and potential domain abuse. “The Agari Spring 21 release and the Trust 2021 conference are about creating a network effect that...
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Agari Winter '21 Release Supercharges CISO Arsenal with Actionable Data and Bolstered Sight-lines that Foil Threat Actors

FOSTER CITY, CA and LONDON (Jan. 25, 2021) -- Agari, the Trusted Email Identity Company™, today announced transformational features and capabilities available in its Winter ‘21 Release. Phishing attacks continue to accelerate, and the enhancements in this release ensure companies have the visibility and data to not only secure email but also to architect an environment where email messages are...

Office 365 Phishing Emails: Prevention, Detection, Response

Office 365 phishing emails come in common patterns. I'll list them here and also cover Office 365 anti-phishing features for prevention, detection, and response.Today, the typical Office 365 phishing emails direct users to fake Office 365 Sign-in pages. The victim submits their credentials, effectively handing over their password. Fraudsters use that login to access the victim’s address book, then...

Phishing: With Zero-Day Email Attacks Rising, Are Some Companies Giving Up the Fight?

Amid a troubling rise in zero-day phishing attacks, recent research suggests that some companies may be making an ill-advised shift away from blocking advanced email threats to responding to them post-delivery. If true, the capitulation couldn't come at a worse time. Since January, cybercriminals taking advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak have been targeting businesses and individuals with an...

Microsoft Office 365 + Secure Email Cloud: All You Need in a Cloud-First World

You’ve heard the statistics…more than 70% of all business users will be provisioned with cloud office applications in the next two years, including email. It’s an overdue modernization that eliminates physical infrastructure to drive cost savings and integrate services for improved productivityChasing this move, cybercriminals intent on account takeover are evolving their tactics, targeting end...

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks that Target Your Customers with DMARC and Office 365

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the Microsoft Security blog and has been republished here. You already know that email is the number one attack vector for cybercriminals. But what you might not know is that without a standard email security protocol called Domain Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC), your organization is open to the phishing attacks that...
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Agari Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Program

FOSTER CITY, Calif. – May 15, 2019—Agari, the next-generation Secure Email Cloud that restores trust to the inbox, today announced that it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. This is yet another step towards collaboration that will enable DMARC reporting capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 customers. “As a Microsoft Partner, Agari actively participates in the Microsoft...

Current Email Architecture Transformation Raises the Bar for Security

Enterprise email architecture is evolving, which is good news for cybercriminals. Legacy secure email gateways (SEGs) simply don't provide full protection from today’s evolving and costly attacks, and cloud-based email requires a new security approach. In contrast, the next generation of email security—the AI-powered Secure Email Cloud—gives organizations more comprehensive security and better...