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Agari Identifies First-ever Reported Russian BEC Cybercriminal Ring Targeting Executives in 46 Countries Across Six Continents

FOSTER CITY, Calif. (July 7, 2020) -- Agari, the market share leader in phishing defense solutions for the enterprise, revealed today details of the threat actor group dubbed Cosmic Lynx, the first-ever reported Russian cybercriminal ring to conduct business email compromise (BEC) phishing scams. This is a historic shift to the global email threat landscape and portends new and sophisticated...

Domains Associated with Exaggerated Lion BEC Campaigns

Below is the list of domains associated with Exaggerated Lion BEC Campaigns. You can access the PDF version of this list by clicking the Download Now buttons at the top and bottom of the screen. admin-servers-apps...

Getting Started with DMARC: A Guide for Healthcare Organizations

Advanced email attacks against healthcare organizations can result in breached patient data, stolen funds, and brand damage. With DMARC, your organization can secure its email channel, prevent phishing, and maintain the trust you’ve earned with your patients, partners, and providers. Read this white paper to learn: What DMARC is and how it works; The benefits of DMARC for your employees, customers...

Federal Agency Plan of Action Guide & Template

To meet DHS’ Binding Operational Directive (BOD) 18-01, agencies were required to submit a Federal agency plan of action to improve email and web security by November 15th. If this deadline came and went without submission – we have you covered. Leverage our Agency Plan of Action template and follow our guide that includes a timeline with key milestones to ensure you comply with BOD 18-01. Our...

Agari + Microsoft Office 365

A majority of companies are shifting to Microsoft Office 365. See why integrating Fortra Email Security is needed to protect your email environment.

2020 Election Security

The 2020 Election Security Poll delves into the issue of election security from the voters’ perspective. Findings include: 69% of registered voters say that foreign interference in 2020 U.S. presidential election campaigns is a threat to U.S. democracy 59% of respondents said receiving a fake/phishing email from one campaign would negatively impact their donation to other 2020 U.S. presidential...
Case Study

Filling the Gaps in Office 365

With a major spike in email attacks targeting their executives, discover how this cloud data management company turned to us for advanced threat protection.

Customer Phishing Protection Couldn’t Be Easier with PhishLabs

It’s not news that cybercrime is a constant battle—large enterprises and small businesses everywhere are susceptible to a myriad of advanced email threats and socially engineered attacks, such as executive or brand impersonation. According to IC3’s Internet Crime Report, over $44 million in losses in 2021 were a direct result of malicious phishing and advanced email scams. Despite billions having...

Agari Active Defense

Uncover Actionable Insights with BEC Threat Intelligence Phishing and BEC attacks represent a significant, ongoing threat to business. It’s critical to understand the strategies and tactics targeting your organization and defend against the ever-present risks, along with the potential financial liabilities that come with them. Phishing Is a Game of Cat and Mouse Cybercriminals utilize digital...

Account Takeover Attack Prevention

Organizations are more likely to be breached today than ever before, as cybercriminals shift tactics once again, using account takeovers (ATOs) to launch targeted email attacks. In fact, a recent Osterman Research survey showed that 33% of organizations were victims of an ATO-based email attack. Attackers know that trusted email is the most effective way of breaching an enterprise, as existing...

SMTPS: Securing SMTP and the Differences Between SSL, TLS, and the Ports They Use

What is the difference between SMTPS and SMTP? SMTPS uses additional SSL or TLS cryptographic protocols for improved security, and the extra "S" stands for SECURE! By default, SMTP to send email lacks encryption and can be used for sending without any protection in place, leaving emails with an SMTP setup susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping from bad actors while messages are...

5 Big Myths about DMARC, Debunked

With email attacks contributing to billions of lost dollars each year, a growing number of organizations are adopting Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) in an effort to protect themselves and their customers from fraudsters. Adoption of DMARC has steadily gained traction since the onset of the pandemic, and the original email authentication protocols at the heart...
Press Release

Blunting BEC Capers that Continue to Target and Devastate SMBs and Enterprises

In his guest blog on The Last Watchdog, John Wilson looks at why Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are on the rise, how they are orchestrated, and what organizations can do to stop this all-too-common attack vector. Excerpt: "BEC is a growing concern, and attackers have taken full advantage of the upheaval the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to ramp up their efforts. These campaigns are hard to...
Press Release

Fortra to Acquire Alert Logic to Enable Customers to Address Cybersecurity Skills Shortage with Hybrid IT Approach

Managed detection and response (MDR) forms new cornerstone of Fortra's cybersecurity portfolio MINNEAPOLIS March 9, 2022—Fortra announced today it has signed a merger agreement to acquire Alert Logic, a well-known leader in managed detection and response (MDR) services. Alert Logic works as a seamless extension of security teams, augmenting existing cybersecurity resources and technology to...

Securing Your Email with DMARC

Understanding the What, How, and Why of DMARCYou probably already know this, but it bears repeating: Email by itself is NOT secure; anyone can use someone else’s identity to send emails. In fact, email is the #1 way cyberattackers can target your customers and your email ecosystem. No brand is untouchable when it comes to attackers using or spoofing email domains to send spam, phishing attempts...