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Silent Starling and the Emergence of VEC

Silent Starling is a newly discovered cybercriminal group comprised of Nigerian cybercriminals, intent on scamming as much as they can from their victims through a new attack type named vendor email compromise (VEC). Watch this webinar to learn: What VEC is and how it differs from other major attacks Why VEC is the largest threat for your supply chain Which of your...

Scattered Canary: The Evolution of Cybercriminal Startup to BEC Enterprise

Business email compromise (BEC) has continued to grow into a billion-dollar industry as cybercriminals turn to it as their preferred scam. But with the West African gang we’ve named Scattered Canary, we have deeper insight into how BEC is connected to the rest of cybercrime, and why it has grown in recent years. View this recorded webinar to learn: How Scattered Canary grew...

Using Agari in Messaging Operations

    Transcript    The number one email-based challenge that businesses face today is stopping the advanced identity-based attack. This is the attack where the bad guy impersonates one of your high-value employees and then uses that impersonated email to either get money out of the company via a wire transfer, or to get credentials and get into the...

Combating Surging Email-Based Attacks Through DMARC

Email-based cyber-attacks are surging amid the shift to remote working, and are a major security headache for businesses. Indeed, it is now the most common attack vector used by cyber-criminals to infiltrate networks; for example, to infect businesses with ransomware. In this landscape, organizations must update their email security practices, leveraging the most up-to-date...
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Cosmic Lynx Threat Disorder: The Rise of Russian BEC

In this webinar, Agari Sr. Director of Threat Research, Crane Hassold discusses Cosmic Lynx, the first-ever reported Russian BEC criminal organization, and how the group has significantly impacted the email threat landscape with sophisticated, high-dollar phishing attacks.

Shining a Light on BEC Risk and Fraud: How Active Engagement Closes the BEC Intelligence Gap

Business Email Compromise (BEC) costs organizations like yours $9 billion every year. These hard-to-detect phishing schemes drive more than 40% of all cybercrime losses. But threat intelligence and fraud prevention teams have had little visibility into the scope of their risk, the BEC attack cycle, or threat actors’ objectives and methods. That’s about to change. Agari Active...

Agari DMARC Protection Explainer

Transcript Email remains the most popular method for businesscommunications. It's also the number one target for cyber attacks. And one malicious email is all it takes to destroy years ofbuilding a trusted relationship with your custom versuswhich is why DMARC is an essential email securitysolution that prevents cyber attacks from hijacking yourdomains for email...

How and Why COVID-19 is Being Used for BEC and Phishing Attacks

Phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks always take advantage of natural disasters and personal misfortune to target even the most vulnerable among us. This time is no different as we are all experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak, but the tactics can be spotted and defeated. In this webinar Crane Hassold, Agari's former Senior Director of Threat Research, provides...

Using Agari in Marketing

    Transcript Email security is often overlooked when thinking about brand protection, but it's actually very pivotal. On one hand, I want to make sure as a CMO that I am disallowing anyone from co-opting my brand to spoof consumers or customers. That's very important to me. On the other hand, I want to make sure that my email, my legitimate...
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How Enterprises Can Defend Against Rapidly Evolving Ransomware

Ransomware threats can change daily, making consumers and businesses more vulnerable than ever. Names like Angler malvertising, Locky ransomware and Angler Exploit Kit frequently crop up in the news, despite law enforcement’s best efforts to contain them. Simply put, malware is popular because it’s successful. Cyber criminals make an estimated 1,425% ROI for exploit kit and...

Chevron Federal Credit Union

"On the outbound side, our biggest asset is our brand. Being able to have that confidence that our customer base is invaluable to us." - Sachin Kundra, Vice President of Information Security

Farm Bureau Bank

"Since email security is so important, we work very hard to ensure the transport of email is done efficiently as we as securely." - Howard Gordon, Vice President and Information Security Officer

Scarlet Widow Part 1: Breaking Hearts for Profit

Table of Contents Who is Scarlet Widow? Femmes Fictionale and Counterfeit Romeos The Long Con: Making Moves for Money Starry Eyes for Starling Michael Up Close and Personal: The Case of "Robert Blackwell" ...