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Case Study

Large Credit Union Eradicates Phishing Attacks

Executive Summary Los Angeles Federal Credit Union was in the cross-hairs of email scammers. Its brand was constantly being spoofed, putting its members at risk of being defrauded. The CTO prioritized email security as part of his broader risk management strategy, and selected Agari as his partner. That was more than eight years ago. Today, domain spoofing is at near zero. Our initial goal was to...

Exaggerated Lion Threat Dossier: BEC Check Fraud Ring

Exaggerated Lion is a BEC cybercrime ring that operates out of Africa with members in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. This is one of the most prolific BEC groups ever discovered, targeting more than 3,000 employees at nearly 2,100 companies throughout the United States. Download this report for details including: How they name, register and host domains disguised to mimic trusted infrastructure. Their...

Behind the 'From' Lines: Email Fraud on a Global Scale

Organized criminals are targeting businesses with identity deception attacks that cause financial losses and broken trust, but Agari is changing the game. Using responsible active defense techniques to analyze criminal email accounts, the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID) unmasked 10 cybercriminal groups during a 10-month period. ACID has used the results of its work to: Warn financial...

The Total Economic Impact™ of Agari Phishing Defense

Agari commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Agari Phishing Defense. Quantified benefits expressed in risk-adjusted present value generated return on investment of 97% over three years, including: $270k value from improved IT security and reduced level of effort to...

Silent Starling Threat Dossier: BEC to VEC

Vendor email compromise is a new form of advanced email attack that uses compromised email accounts to target the global supply chain. With the cybercriminal group we’ve named Silent Starling, we see how devastating these attacks can be. Download the threat actor dossier to: How Silent Starling uses phishing email lures to target their victims Why compromised email accounts make email attacks easy...

Scattered Canary Threat Dossier

Business email compromise (BEC) has continued to grow into a billion-dollar industry as cybercriminals turn to it as their preferred scam. But with the West African gang we’ve named Scattered Canary, we have deeper insight into how BEC is connected to the rest of cybercrime, and why it has grown in recent years. Download the threat dossier to learn: How Scattered Canary grew from a one-man startup...

Scarlet Widow Part 2: BEC Bitcoin Laundry—Scam, Rinse, Repeat

While many cybercriminal gangs scam medium-sized and large corporations, Agari has now uncovered and documented the practices of a Nigeria-based scammer group, dubbed Scarlet Widow, that has evolved a different strategy focused on more vulnerable sectors such as school districts, universities, and nonprofits. In this report, we uncover: How Scarlet Widow transitioned from romance scams to tax...

Cosmic Lynx Threat Dossier: The Rise of Russian BEC

Cosmic Lynx is a Russia-based BEC cybercriminal organization that has significantly impacted the email threat landscape with sophisticated, high-dollar phishing attacks. In this threat dossier, you’ll discover key details about Cosmic Lynx, including: How Cosmic targets global corporations with incredibly sophisticated BEC attacks How Cosmic Lynx exploits DMARC controls to impersonate corporate...

Trusted Email Identity: Securing the Foundation of Digital Communications

While new business communication and collaboration tools emerge every day, an employee’s email address often serves as the one constant identity that is leveraged by other forms of digital communication. But, despite its ubiquity, email remains a leading attack vector. Spear phishing, business email compromise (BEC) scams and other forms of advanced email attacks successfully bilk businesses out...

Getting Started with DMARC

Discover why cybercriminals target enterprise email channels for phishing schemes and how you can protect yourself from phishing by implementing DMARC.

Frost Radar: Email Security Report

Frost & Sullivan has released the Frost Radar: Email Security, providing a benchmarking system to help you protect your email from cyber attacks. Download the report for more information about: Why email is a top threat vector for cyber attacks, and how working from home has increased the risk How the email security market will continue to grow as more organizations transition to the cloud, and...

Threat Intelligence Brief: The Geography of BEC

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a worldwide scourge affecting more than three-fourths of the world’s economies. Around the globe, BEC cybercriminals operate with impunity to steal $26 billion each year. The Agari Cyber Intelligence Division conducted nearly 10,000 active engagements with BEC threat actors and captured the scope of BEC’s global footprint and trends. In this report, you’ll...

Anatomy of a Compromised Account

Credential phishing leads to compromised accounts, and compromised accounts lead to more credential phishing. In order to uncover the mechanics, the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division seeded more than 8,000 phishing sites with fake credentials and then monitored what happened next. In this report, you’ll discover more about how cybercriminals access and use compromised accounts, including How 50%...

Download the Latest Email Fraud & Identity Deception Trends Report

In 2021 alone, the FBI's IC3 report published that over $44 million in losses were a direct result of effective phishing and advanced email scams. The Agari Cyber Intelligence Division analyzed trillions of emails and nearly 500 million Internet domains to uncover the scope and impact of this email fraud… and the trends that benchmark enterprise security teams’ ability to respond to email threats...

Ransomware: Exploring the Leading Cyber Extortion Tool

Ransomware has evolved from targeting individuals to extorting large sums of money from businesses with the threat of releasing or destroying their private company data. This type of email-based attack can cause tremendous financial losses as well as reputation damage that’s difficult and expensive to repair. Read our ransomware white paper now for insights from Agari Chief Scientist Markus...