Report: How to Conquer Targeted Email Threats

SANS Product Review of Agari Enterprise Protect

SANS senior instructor Dave Shackleford reviewed Agari Enterprise Protect to explore how Agari, through sender authenticity modeling (and without anti-spam running in the environment), massively scans, authenticates and passes on only good mail to recipients.

The report includes the reviewer’s experience with setup, verification, policy creation, analytics and dashboards during emulated email attacks.


The report also explores:

  • Trends in spear phishing, business email compromise, ransomware and consumer phishing, including why they’re so difficult to prevent.
  • How Agari’s cloud-based analytics, trust authenticity analysis and other techniques detected these types of attacks and took actions based on policies.
  • How Agari’s “Model of Trust Analytics” differs from the traditional approaches of whitelisting and malicious content detection to make split-second decisions on inbound messages.

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