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Email Security Practitioner Services

Professional services designed to accelerate solution adoption and time to value.

Agari Email Security Practitioner Services (ESP) is a premium service designed to accelerate solution adoption and time to value.


The Agari Advantage

All Agari product subscriptions include complementary onboarding, training, enablement, and support.

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Email Security Experts

World Class Email Security Practitioners

Technology alone is insufficient in just about any human endeavor. Security is no different.

At Agari, we have a long heritage of combining innovative technology with deep email security domain expertise in partnership with our customers to solve real world security challenges.

The Agari Enablement organization is committed to the success of our customers and works collaboratively with them to deliver exceptional value through the deployment of Agari solutions.

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Professional Services

Exceptional Services, Professionally Delivered

Collectively, Agari email security practitioners bring decades of expertise to every customer engagement.

Our services have been refined from hundreds of deployments at organizations spanning the globe, deploying Agari solutions to detect and respond to advanced email attacks at scale.

Using proven methodologies and tested processes, the Agari Enablement organization helps customers protect against inbound and outbound phishing and BEC attacks, along with the business disruption that comes with them.

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Email Security Expertise

Access to Email Security Expertise

Efficient service delivery means easy access to expertise, and it makes the difference between success and something that falls short.

Effective communications are critical, and this happens when our customers work with professionals who understand their business and are equipped to help.

This is why the Agari Email Security Practitioner Service is designed to provide customers with a technical, hands-on professional who serves as a customer advocate for driving the customer’s business outcomes.

Service Tiers

The Email Security Practitioner Service is available in 5 different tiers to suit different business size and organizational needs.


Regular Technical Sessions

Up to 8 hours/week

Accelerate your business objectives with regular expert guidance and training. Designed for customers who want regular expert assistance and training.

Service Offerings

All ESP Service Tiers provide the service offerings below with the exception of "Essential" which does not include item numbers 1-4. 

Successful deployments require planning, communication, training, and monitoring. Your ESP leverages extensive experience to create a customized rollout/project plan for your organization. The ESP ensures that the plan follows Agari best practices while taking into consideration your business goals, priorities, and any requirements unique to your environment.

A well-defined incident response plan is an effective way to identify, minimize damage, and reduce the cost of a cyber-attack. Your ESP will work with your organization to ensure that the Agari cloud-based security solution is incorporated into your incident response framework and work with you to develop or enhance a process for handling email threats.

The Agari cloud-based security solutions include comprehensive reporting features such as executive summary reports and more granular, action-targeted reporting. Your ESP will work with you to design a reporting framework to ensure the right level of information is distributed to the appropriate people to ensure visibility to ROI inside your organization. Your ESP can also advise the use of our solution APIs for integrations with your other tools.

Your ESP can work with you to review the current state of your organization’s email security posture, and, where applicable, your organization’s security stack. The ESP will advise on email security best practices to ensure you make the most of your investment in Agari cloud-based security solutions.

Agari Services have developed communication templates to assist in organizational internal communication. This is especially beneficial when deploying Agari Brand Protection™. Your ESP can provide and customize, email and presentation templates covering:

  • Project awareness to prepare the organization for DMARC rollout
  • Identification of business owners
  • Contacting 3rd party senders for authentication

Product training is an important part of deployment success and maximizing ROI. Your ESP provides hands-on training via remote sessions to ensure your staff is proficient on Agari cloud-based security solutions. There is no limit on training sessions to accommodate staff changes or additions, new features, or to support specific business needs. Our training approach addresses the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’ so that your staff may also gains general email security proficiency.

Success criteria defines how the stakeholders in your organization will measure the success of the project. Your ESP will work with you to develop measurable success criteria based on your organization’s timeline and goals. The ESP will assist you in tracking progress via regular project reviews and identify next steps towards your success criteria. The ESP can utilize your existing project success tracking tools or provide Agari best practices templates.

Your ESP is an advocate inside Agari representing your interests and driving your business outcomes. This includes advocating for new features or enhancements on your behalf as well as driving resolution for any potential issues encountered along the way.


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