Infographic: Defend Against Social Engineering Attacks

Enterprise Survey Results

We surveyed over 200 enterprises to determine the prevalence of social engineering attacks and the toll these attacks are taking on these enterprises. Social engineering attacks are a critical business issue and one of the most significant threats respondents face.

We explore the type, volume and growth of social engineering attacks from previous years as well as what companies are doing to combat these attacks. Corporate defenses currently are not up to the task of defending against these schemes, and this is a balance that must be shifted to prepare for the challenges of the year ahead. We examine how organizations are going to be dedicating budget to defend against social engineering attacks.

Here are some of our key findings:

  • 60% say social engineering is one of the most significant threats they face today.
  • 52% rate their organization’s’ defenses against social engineering attacks at average or below.
  • 98% expect the same or increased funding in 2017 to combat social engineering attacks.
  • 60% know they either were or may have been victims of a social engineering attack during the past year.
  • 65% of those who were attacked say that employees’ credentials were compromised as a result of these incidents.
  • 52% say the fraudsters are looking for the user to take specific actions, i.e., commit a fraudulent funds transfer.
  • 27% say the attackers use the compromised credentials to commit fraud or theft against a third party.

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