Data Breach

96% of data breaches start with email. As organizations spend billions to secure their infrastructure, cybercriminals continue to exploit employees to bypass existing security controls.

Anatomy of an Attack

Breach-focused attacks will target any employee to gain access to their system. It can come in the form of a lure to a credential phishing website or an urgent ask to review a document with a malicious payload.

PHASE 1: Reconnaissance

Identify Security Gaps

The adversary conducts research against target companies to identify potential victims, vulnerabilities, and security gaps at the perimeter.

How Does Email Affect a Data Breach?

Former VP of Product Management, AJ Shipley, discusses how email is the preferred channel cybercriminals use to launch a data breach attack.


The Agari Advantage

Data Breach Prevention

Cyber criminals constantly evolve tactics to trick people into downloading malware, sending information, or logging into fake web pages. Identity deception is a key tactic used to establish sender trust and to convince the victim to take action.

Agari detects threats such as data breaches in real time, ensuring that the initial spear phishing or malware-based attack never reaches the inbox.

Data Breach
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Protection from Zero Day Attacks

Zero day attacks are synonymous with data breaches and are often launched with no advanced warning. They can contain no recognizable “digital signature”  and employ evasive tactics to easily slip past SEGs and other legacy security controls such as attachment sandboxing or URL rewriting.

Agari couples behavioral analysis with deep-level URL and attachment inspection to defend against never-seen-before attacks before they exploit unknown vulnerabilities.

Automated Breach Response

Employee reported email attacks can be one of the best sources of breach threat intelligence and help prevent or contain a breach. However, they can also cause Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts more work because of the sheer number of reported incidents.

Agari Phishing Response is the only turnkey email incident response solution that can reduce triage, analysis, and remediation time by as much as 95% to prevent and contain a data breach.

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