Spear Phishing

Spear phishing emails are disguised as trusted communications, designed to fool people into taking action such as giving up their user credentials or opening an attachment.

Anatomy of an Attack

Why is email the #1 attack vector for cyberattacks?

Because 30% of employees continue to open spear phishing emails resulting in an average of $1.6 million in stolen assets per campaign.

PHASE 1: Research

Identify Targets

Cybercriminals leverage data from corporate breaches, a target's own website, LinkedIn or other social media sites to build their target list.

What is Spear Phishing?

VP Channel Marketing, Mandeep Khera, discusses why traditional security controls cannot stop modern spear phishing attacks.


The Agari Advantage

Modeling the Good to Detect the Bad

Spear phishing often looks and feels like a legitimate message which is why they easily bypass legacy email security controls.

Cloud Email Protection evaluates hundreds of email characteristics to “model the good”. By modeling trusted email communications and legitimate sender behaviors, Agari spots the bad, and prevents their email from reaching the inbox.





Growing Smarter Every Day

It’s not enough to react and detect spear phishing attacks, but to prevent and deter them before they strike. Agari predicts attacks based on understanding the identity and relationships behind the message and on how closely a new message correlates or deviates from known patterns of good email communication.

Even though your business may not have seen a threat, Agari likely has. And because it’s at work already protecting organizations worldwide, it grows smarter and more effective each day.

Automated Phishing Incident Response

Your employees are not security experts and even with security training cannot consistently detect a spear phishing attack, costing Security Operations Centers time and resources to remediate phishing incidents.

Agari Phishing Response exponentially improves your Security Operations Center  response by up to 95% for employee-reported incident triage, forensics, remediation and containment, while applying the added intelligence to prevent future attacks.

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