The Challenge

Over 98% of organizations provide their employees with a convenient way to report email phishing incidents. Each one can take around five hours to triage, investigate, and potentially remediate, and typically requires manual correlation of data across multiple systems. Unfortunately, around half of the reported incidents turn out to be false alarms.

The Agari Solution

Agari automates triage, forensics, and remediation workflows to save time for Security Operation Center (SOC) analysts. By streamlining the workflow, false positives are quickly identified and breaches or compromised employee accounts can be contained before costly damage is done.

The Agari Advantage

Automated Triage and Remediation Workflow

Agari automates triage and remediation workflow to reduce phishing incident response time by up to 95%. This enables a SOC analyst to quickly review sender forensics, trust level, and key elements of the email, such as attachments and URLs. By quickly working through false positives, actual threats can be identified and contained in minutes — not months.

Turnkey Integration with MS Office 365

Agari provides turnkey integration with Microsoft Office 365 so that phishing emails can be automatically removed from user inboxes. This is particularly important for preventing account takeovers in environments where credentials are often reused across multiple, cloud-connected services, such as email, document access/storage, and online collaboration.

turnkey integration
ciso dashboard
Triage and CISO Dashboards

Agari performs an automatic triage to assess the impact of the reported phishing email and then present an analysis of URLs, attachments, and sender forensics in a triage dashboard.

Analysts can evaluate and react to incidents in priority order and then progress to spam and more benign threats.

A CISO dashboard provides an intuitive view to quantify risk reduction and calculate savings.


Featured Products

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Agari Phishing Defense™

Stop sophisticated identity deception threats, including business email compromise, executive spoofing, and account takeover-based attacks.

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Discover the Value of Incident Response and Remediation

Automating the phishing incident response process can save the average organization millions of dollars per year.


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