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Remote Workforce Protection

Protect remote workers against the threat of phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC)

The Agari Advantage

Protect Remote Workers

Remote workers are highly dependent on digital communications and subject to personalized email attacks that target them individually and as a gateway to their employer.

While they may feel safe at home, they can also be more vulnerable in the relative isolation of a home office. Especially when events such as the current COVID-19 crisis elevate fear and uncertainty, how can they tell what’s normal and what’s not, when nothing is normal right now.

Agari advanced email security solutions dynamically adjust to the latest phishing and business email compromise tactics to keep all employees safe from attacks that slip past legacy defenses.

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Protect remote workers


Combine detection, remediation, and training for a better layered defense.

Protect Remote Employees

Remote workers rely heavily on digital communications. Messages coming to them can be packed with embedded links and attachments.

Many attacks related to the recent COVID-19 outbreak impersonate government agencies, taking advantage of workers hungry for information in an environment of elevated anxiety and fear. Their goal – to trick those workers into clicking on fake alerts, notices, and donation requests. Defenses need to evolve quickly to keep pace.

With each email it analyzes, Agari Phishing Defense (APD) discovers and learns to detect new threats. It detects attacks without a recognizable signature or malicious payload – even those never seen before.