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Email Security Solutions

Stop advanced email attacks, such as spear phishing, account takeover, and BEC scams.

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What is an Email Security Solution?

Email security solutions function as a security barrier for email communications within an organization's network by inspecting incoming emails for advanced threats, such as malicious links, phishing attempts and malware attachments, and by monitoring outbound email traffic. With more pervasive cyberattacks at every turn and business intersection, it’s imperative to protect your organization’s infrastructure from being infiltrated. As revealed in IC3’s Internet Crime Report from 2021, over $44 million in losses were attributed as a direct result of successful phishing and advanced email scams. 

In the working environment that we conduct business in today, a solution that protects your on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid environment is a requisite step on the course of defending against the most sophisticated attacks. As substantiated in the headlines of last few years, threat actors and attackers don’t prioritize one type of business or industry over another – becoming a target of a cyberattack is a looming threat for enterprise-level organizations to small businesses and consumers alike. 


How does an Email Security Solution work?

Email security solutions rely on layered defenses to protect organizations. And while many solutions contain built-in security features and controls like spam filters or the ability to set alerts that warn of unknown senders, many services fall short when it comes to additional protections that TRULY defend against evolving cyber threats and email vector attacks.  

A comprehensive email security solution can protect email from many external threats and even internal attacks. Thus, it is essential to have a solution that goes above and beyond the default which stands OUT from the crowd and stands UP against commonplace scams and advanced email attacks and tactics – like impersonation and social engineering. 

Email Security Solutions  from Agari


Through AI-based predictive technology and data science, Agari offers robust, best-in-class email security solutions that help secure the email channel through:

  • Malicious URL & attachment scanning
  • Simplified DMARC implementation
  • Spoofed domain detection
  • And more!


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Safeguards employees and business partners from malicious email spoofs, while also preventing brand abuse. 

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Comprehensive email security solutions today offer robust tools because there are too many scams and threat actors who are waiting in the wings to compromise your account. Agari restores trust to your inbox by automating processes through groundbreaking features and industry-busting benefits, including: 


Email Security Solutions by Industry

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions Are Targeted First

It’s no surprise that financial institutions, insurance companies and banks are targeted first. Criminals impersonate banks or electronic payment services more than 60% of the time. Financial institutions use Agari to prevent fraudsters from impersonating your brand in a phishing attack and to protect the inboxes of employees from schemes, such as executive impersonation. For employee-reported security incidents, Agari reduces response and resolution times by up to 95%.

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Government Agencies and Administrators Targeted for Impersonation

Fraudulent criminal organizations often pose as government agencies by impersonating their email communications. Using identity deception techniques, such as spoofing, cybercriminals impersonate government agency emails, targeting the public with phishing scams. This is just one reason the US Department of Homeland Security issued BOD-18-01, requiring all United States federal government .gov domains to implement DMARC.

Government agencies use Agari to prevent phishing attacks on citizens, secure government email accounts from spear phishing attacks, and reduce Security Operation Center workloads associated with incident response and remediation.


Patient Trust Depends on Secure Healthcare Records and Email Communications

Personal health records attract premium prices on the dark web, making them a prime target for cyberthieves. Phishing emails sent to patients, administrators and practitioners often trick people with fake log-in screens, compromising accounts and disclosing personally identifiable information (PII).

Healthcare organizations use Agari to protect email as a secure communication channel for patients, payors and providers. When staffers report incidents, Agari automates response and remediation workflow.

Email Security Solutions by Role

Left Column

Secures the email channel and corporate infrastructure to establish trust in communications from evolving BEC, ransomware, and phishing attacks by: 

  • Preventing breaches or containing them in minutes, if they do happen 

  • Blocking targeted spear phishing and account takeover-based attacks 

  • Simplifying employee procedure of incidents by cutting response time  

Middle Column

Puts an end to phishing attacks that can hijack your brand identity, scam your customers, damage consumer trust, cause a disruption to your business, and cost millions of dollars by: 

  • Protecting email channel from being falsely associated with scams 

  • Boosting open & conversion rates by ensuring deliverability 

  • Building brand equity and increasing customer trust & loyalty 

Right Column

Improves your defenses against deceptive identity-based attacks, such as ransomware, malware and account takeovers, which can slip past existing email security infrastructures by: 

  • Limiting hacker intrusions by eliminating the risk of events like credential theft 

  • Defending against zero-day attacks by mitigating SaaS vulnerabilities 

  • Safeguarding from executive impersonation that can foil your customers or partners