Secure your organization from advanced email attacks.

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Cyber criminals continually evolve their attacks so keeping up with the latest scheme isn’t enough.

Agari inspects incoming emails in ways no human or legacy security control can, ensuring the continuous flow of legitimate email while keeping the organization safe from even today’s most advanced email threats.

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Security controls that recognize a “digital signature” may stop spam, known viruses and malware, but they don’t stop advanced email attacks.

Agari understands the relationships between sender and receiver, and it models good emails and behaviors so it recognizes and stops the bad.

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Prevent your organization from being taken hostage or extorted when fraudsters target your employees with ransomware, account takeover and other advanced attacks.

Agari recognizes bad emails before they get to the inbox and eliminates the risk of an employee being fooled into disclosing login credentials or downloading malware.

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Agari models the good to detect the bad. It doesn’t rely on recognizing a “digital signature” that has been seen before.

Behavioral analysis and deep-level URL and attachment inspection also are used to defend against never-seen-before attacks.

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Agari cuts response time by up to 95% for employee-reported incident triage, forensics, remediation and breach containment.

Breaches that otherwise take months to discover are detected and contained in mere minutes. And automated impersonation, URL and file analysis detects malicious content that easily evades traditional secure email gateways (SEGs).




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