TAG Cyber Security Names Agari a Distinguished Vendor


SAN MATEO, Calif. – Sept. 11, 2017 – Agari, a leading cybersecurity company, today announced it was named a Distinguished Vendor in the 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual. Agari was highlighted in the report for the uniqueness, importance and relevance of the Agari Email Trust Platform, which enables security teams to prevent email phishing attacks by identifying the true senders of emails.

“Today, 95% of security breaches start with a deceptive email. The damage from just one of these attacks can be catastrophic both in their immediate financial consequences and in the long-term erosion of trust in business,” said Ravi Khatod, CEO of Agari. “The TAG Cyber Security Annual plays a key role in helping security teams strengthen their defenses, and we are honored to be included in the 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual.”

“Email phishing attacks are probably the number one threat facing modern enterprises, as it is human nature to want to click on that enticing email link,” said Edward Amoroso, founder and chief executive officer of TAG Cyber. “The Agari Email Trust Platform identifies dangerous senders before you get the chance to click that link, and is therefore essential.”

“The Agari Email Trust Platform is the industry’s only artificial intelligence (AI) driven defense system to protect organizations from being deceived by email-based cyberattacks such as phishing, ransomware and business email compromise,” added Khatod.

The 2018 Tag Cyber Security Annual was developed to assist enterprise security teams as they modernize their cyber risk program by detailing three key steps: exploding the flat perimeter enterprise into distributed workloads; offloading the resultant applications and networks onto cloud-based, software-defined infrastructure; and then reloading protections using the best available cyber security technologies. The report includes a comprehensive analysis of the cybersecurity industry with specific insights from C-level executives and thought leaders.

The 2018 Tag Cyber Security Annual is available as a free download on Agari’s website and TAG Cyber’s website.