When we first flipped on the lights in 2009, we knew we were embarking on an endeavor that wouldn’t be achieved overnight. We wanted to be deliberate, to build a rock-solid foundation—not a quick fix—that would support an email security ecosystem. We anticipated the hefty innovation and investment needed. But we also knew that investment would ultimately yield a durable solution that would change forever the security of the Internet. DMARC is the perfect example. It took three years for us to develop and roll out. Today, it’s the bedrock of email authentication, universally.

A long-time sponsor of FS-ISAC, Agari takes pride in being a member of the digital security community, committed to protecting financial services brands and their customers from email-based cyber attacks. During this year's conference, held at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, we once again joined our industry brethren, reconnected with familiar faces and forged new relationships with cyber security leaders inside the financial services sector.