Responding to BOD 18-01, agencies rally to complete the fastest sector-wide adoption of DMARC

One year ago, the Department of Homeland Security announced its Binding Operational Directive 18-01, a mandate for all federal executive branch domains to implement stronger security standards. Specifically, BOD 18-01 required the adoption of HTTPS and DMARC, an email authentication standard that prevents domain spoofing.

The email channel has always been the linchpin of your digital marketing operations. But a failure to use something called DMARC could obliterate your deliverability rates, your revenues—even your brand.

It's no secret to digital-savvy CMOs that old-school email is a cutting-edge marketing team's killer app.

Executive branch DMARC adoption hits 81%—but with roughly 90 days to go, most have yet to implement required enforcement policy levels across all .gov domains

With less than three months left to comply with the Department of Homeland Security's Binding Operational Directive (BOD) 18-01 deadline, adoption of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Compliance (DMARC) protocols for email security has soared from 20% to roughly 81%.

In the last five years, we’ve all become far too familiar with it – hackers spoofing a company’s domain and therefore tarnishing the brand, bad actors attempting to infect our computers with malware, and criminals sending millions of spam messages.

As if this isn’t enough, now there is a whole group of people working to outsmart companies AND their customers by using cousin domains to fool customers into believing that the cyber criminals are these companies!