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As someone who joined Agari nearly five years ago as part of the core team building our breakthrough email security solutions, I am extremely proud of what we built, and I can't wait for you to see what's next. This is—after all—a race against time. In the battle against costly spear phishing attacks, business email compromise (BEC) scams, and other advanced email threats, serious solutions can never arrive too soon.

As with all great internships, I started this summer at Agari being delightfully bombarded with various acronyms and different technologies to learn. But though there was such a wealth of new information, within weeks, I found myself making real contributions to the product and essentially being treated as a full-time engineer.

Hiring software engineers gets more competitive every year. There is now a service - - that provides an efficient, but disturbingly Tinder-like, interface for evaluating potential candidates. Traditional businesses like banks, healthcare providers and automotive shops are hiring software engineers too. This is creating so much demand that talent is being pulled from other fields. We see folks who are leaving behind careers in Law, Biology, Architecture, Chemistry and even Medicine.