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You’ve heard the statistics…more than 70% of all business users will be provisioned with cloud office applications in the next two years, including email. It’s an overdue modernization that eliminates physical infrastructure to drive cost savings and integrate services for improved productivity

Chasing this move, cybercriminals intent on account takeover are evolving their tactics, targeting end users with various identity-deception scams. Their evolving tactics and your defenses against them deserve a closer look.

As email scammers become more sophisticated and cybercriminals expand their tactics, phishing and BEC attacks from compromised email accounts continue to rise in popularity. We’ve seen a 35% increase in attacks launched from compromised accounts in the last six months. This means that email account takeover-based threats are more prevalent than ever before. And since this is the hardest attack type to protect against, these threats are only going to become more dangerous.